The Scarlet Playlist – October

Hey there, book horde!

Happy Monday! I’ve got the playlist of the week for you guys. You may recognize a few and may find a few new ones to add to your own music library. In any case, I compiled this just for you. So, dance to it, sing to it, get inspired even. Whatever you want. I know I started the because I love reading to music. It can create an amazing soundtrack and amplify a story. I love it. But hey, you guys have a great week!

1. Not Ready to Make Nice – The Chicks

2. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac (Excuse me while I dance around, feeling the witchy vibes. Getting my Misty Day on.)

3. Crystal – Fleetwood Mac (If you know you know.)

4. Be Still – The Fray (I wonder when these guys will released new stuff. I love how chill their music is.)

5. Say (All I Need) – OneRepublic

6. Electric – Alina Baraz ft Khalid (Just started listening to her and I can’t get enough.)

7. All I Wanted – Paramore

8. Burning House – Cam (🔥)

9. Always Remember Us The Way – Lady Gaga (Gets me emotional every time.)

10. Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version)

11. If I Lose Myself – OneRepbulic

12. Youngblood – Jessica Villa (Powerful and so relevant to today and before. Catchy as hell, too.)

I still wanted to keep with the fall and spooky vibes of October, but wanted to slow down for a moment. There are halloween movies out there that aren’t filled with the scares and hit that nostalgic and family feel. Practical Magic is a wonderful example (and my favorite movie) that proves just that and you get a taste of that in this list, too.

,More to come soon…


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