To Be or Not To Be…Exorcised, That is the Question (The Merciless – A Book Review)

The Merciless (The Merciless I)

Author: Danielle Vega

Published: 2014

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Rated E for exorcism turned evil

Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned.

Sofia Flores and her family just moved to Friend, Mississippi. Quickly making friends, she’s drawn into something she wish she could back out of. Her friends, Riley, Grace, and Alexis seemed like nice girls. They’re all about good deeds, but then they mention saving Brooklyn.

She didn’t know they meant giving her an exorcism. Their version of an exorcism is closer to torture and if Sofia isn’t careful, she could be next.

This was off the wall! I finished this in one. Could not put it down. Bloody fantastic and disturbingly epic. Vega has never come up short for me. Sofia got pulled into something dark and horrifying in the first installation of The Merciless and when she tried to escape, she discovered more than dark secrets and revelations. More than blood was spilled and more than evil was awoken. Bible thumper teen girls went beyond their peer pressuring and terrorizing ways and provoked something dark out of a fellow classmate. Honestly, if somebody isn’t asking for help then don’t give it! Or, you may provoke a demon That’s what this book has shown me. LOL.

Impeccable writing! Catchy and gripping. Vega really grabs on and doesn’t let go. Starting with a dead cat and ending with carnage, I was shook. AND I LOVED IT! Unpredictable from start to finish. Just when I didn’t think there was more to reveal, I was wrong. One thing I definitely appreciated was that Vega was straightforward. She was more invested in the foreshadow and the action rather than any possible philosophy or moral to be had.


The Craft, 5ive Girls, and Mean Girls were channeled strongly. Blood, gore, and magic. If I’m saying it too much I’m not saying it enough. This touched on some iconic feels from iconic movies. I was all in for it. It’s sublime when an author can touch on pop cultural movies without being so forthright. You can feel those familiar chills and laughs and thrills that only that only those movies gave you. You know what I’m saying. And you know how freaking awesome it is.  


I fell in love with this so fast. Driven by adrenaline and fear, this book was wild and still fun through all of the horror. Amazing lines, catchy themes, and deep-only touched upon-lore I can’t wait to see get explored more. I’m also what more can be told. There’s three more books! I’m so stoked. Definitely keeping this series and this is a must read for horror lovers.


“I’m going to get the evil out of her.” (Riley, p. 91)

“We’re all going to die here. We’re going to die screaming.” (Alexis, p.161)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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