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Hey there, bookworms!

I know. I should wear the cone of shame. It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag let alone a book list.Life has been hectic and not all good. I’ve lost a job due it closing down. My depression and anxiety took a spike with dollop of extra stress. I’ve had to take a step back in some areas and work my way back up. I’m so appreciative of you guys hanging in there. There aren’t enough words. But, I do have a book tag! Woo!

Welcome to the tag that’s guaranteed to stir the pot…possibly. While many book tags reach out to the fun parts of books and interests, this one will touch your picky side. We all have that side. Still, this is all meant with a light heart and no disrespect to others’ interests. Just because these are my opinion does not mean they are yours.

So, let’s share some unpopular opinions on books!

A book or series that is over-hyped.

I’m just going to say it. I haven’t read the series yet, but because of how much hype it gets I’m oddly steered off. IT’s like my brain skips over the possibility of this being so good, like it’s trying not to get brainwashed by the overwhelming hype. However, I do have the first two books so that’s a start. LOL.

The Shadowhunter series
Author: Cassandra Clare

A book or series with great cover art but the story wasn’t great.

The cover caught my attention and the jacket summary got me to buy it. Both were absolutely stunning and I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to put this down. I got halfway through and then skimmed the rest. I just struggled so hard and couldn’t get into this. I don’t believe it was horrible, but it wasn’t great. I couldn’t get into the characters or the world they were set into. It was a bust.

Wicked Saints
Author: Emily A. Duncan

A book you can’t believe was published because it was so bad.

I’m not afraid of this one. I’m still shocked and get a hideous look on my face about this one. I’ve even thought about going through the books and editing them. It still gets me that there are movies based on them. IF they’d been more thoroughly edited then I probably wouldn’t be so disgruntled. But am I going to start what I finished in useless hope that the series will magically get better? Yep.

After series
Author: Anna Todd

An underrated book or series that deserves more love.

I found a whole new obsession when I came across the games and then the graphic novels. Original, unique, spectacular artwork and storytelling. Thought fun and whimsical there’s also so much heart and love in it. I recommend it through and through.

Life is Strange, the graphic novel series
Author: Emma Vieceli

A book or series that’s actually not great but you love it anyway. Your guilty pleasure.

Am I ashamed? Oh, hell no. LOL. I’ve read this series at least three times now. While the books come up obviously and purposely over-dramatic and overdone I can’t help but let myself run away with them. There’s a delicious delight in diving into a book that’s unrealistic. In this case, it was going from down in the gritty dirty to dirty luxury with dark secrets.

The Royals series
Author: Erin Watt

A popular genre you don’t read much.

Mystery. Guys, I’ve tried. I’ve tried so many different times. But I either fall asleep or my eyes glaze over right in chapter one. It’s that simple. I get bored to sleep by mystery. Now if mystery were the mini-sub-genre to another genre and not over-bearing then sure, I’ll go for it.

A book or series that should’ve never been made into a movie/TV series.

I can feel the heavy glares and hear the audible gasps already. The Handmaid’s Tale, the book by Margaret Atwood. I barely made it through the first season. I couldn’t get through it and it even convinced me not to read the book. I’m glad it’s so popular but if I disliked it so much as a series before even reading the book then-slay me if you must-I don’t think it should’ve been made a show.

A book or series that should be made for movies/TV.

I’m going to be selfish and greedy and pick two. Blame my indecisiveness.

The Arcana Chronicles
Author: Kresley Cole
Scarlet Reader

Because I can’t say no to a good end of the world.

Wicked Lovely
Author: Melissa Marr
Urban Fantasy Wiki

Because while The Magicians did great including fae, a fae-centric show would still be epic and this one could totally hit The CW. The fae have always been hit of miss on TV, too. Maybe whoever can tackle this will get it right.

The Morganville Vampires
Author: Rachel Caine
Travel Bookworm

I KNOW!! I said only two, but this is a 15 book series with a collection of short stories. So much material to work with not to mention this takes you back to the vampire genre. Only this time it’s not “ I think I love a vampire” it’s “Oh shit, that vampire is trying to kill me.”. Some epic originality.

And just to throw a knife in the works, what TV series/movie was better than the book?

The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness has been mind-blowing. I know there’s been a lot of hub-bub about how much has been cut out from the books, but honestly, I’ve only seen the time-filler cut from the show. So much has been done with the show that’s kept it pretty close to the books. And the magic! Wow! I’m left breathless by it and the love Diana and Matthew share. I’ve found the show rich and outstanding.

The Nerd Daily

Did I stir the pot? At least a wee bit? LOL.

While I could tag many folks, bookworms, and debaters, I honestly just want you guys to have fun with this. Books have always been a safe place to hold debates and accept differences easily for me. I hope this tag allows that to remain true. More than that, if you do this TAG ME! I want to see some wicked surprising answers!

More to come soon…


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