The Past and Future Come Haunting (BTVS: Omnibus Vol. 6 – A Book Review)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus Vol. 6 (Omnibus #6)

Author: Joss Whedon, Andi Watson, Amber Benson and more

Published: 2009

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Rated M for moments. Moments between the big stuff. Moments we always wondered about. Moments that punched us in the feels and make us nostalgic.

Volume six delves deeper into season 4 and following the Scooby Gang into season 5. Between the Initiative and Glory, there were several moments that gave more to the Buffy-verse. Buffy and Angel reunite and fight to get out of a deadly, demonic gladiator ring. Giles starts dating again. Riley has a close encounter with the bug-kind. With a side of short stories, intimate character close-ups, and unexpected cameos.

BTVS: Omnibus is 1 of 4 graphic novel series that I’m doing for my New Year’s Resolution.

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Walking over the last of season 4, this volume plunged me into season 5 of BTVS, my favorite season. That made this one of my favorites out of the collection. There were a lot of important stories this time around. Ones that deepened the connection between the fan/reader and the Buffyverse. One thing was an apparent theme throughout the graphic novel. The past and future are always haunting. Time lingers like an ominous ball of anxiety.

Getting a focus on Willow and Tara’s budding relationship was so sweet and just what my fandom heart needed. Demon, blood, and guts is great. But, Willow and Tara are one of the corner pieces of the fandom and it’s great to see their relationship in the beginning stages as it expands. Also, the face-off with Morrigan was wicked badass. It wasn’t as badass as Willow and Tara being role models to other witches and proving that Wicca isn’t a phase. Their side story gave so much depth to their characters and how Willow’s character development had shifted so much.

The side story with Jonathan was legit what I said I’d been hoping for in my last review. Was I a jumping idiot about it? Probably. Jonathan is one of those favorite recurring characters that always bring something interesting every time they appear. Ethan Rayne is another fine example. Unique characters add to a universe, filling it, making it bigger. Sometimes, it’s other characters that help build something so memorable. And Angel still having a relevant part in Buffy’s life though the two are so far apart? Oh, it gives the Bangel shippers everything to keep’em hanging on!

While a good portion of this volume contained short stories, much of which didn’t pin Buffy as the main character, the stories were still long and loaded. It was a freaking delight. My desperate and needy heart for BTVS was fulfilled. And the different artistic styles seen throughout each story was marvelous and held a beautiful balance with the tone of each story. Onomatopoeias leaped off the pages as did the feels. And when it comes to BTVS you always get the drama, action, comedy, and puns.

My favorites have to be: Jonathan-Codename: Comrades, False Memories, and Wannablessedbe. While fun, they were well-rounded in the emotional department. False Memories in particular honed in on the epicenter of season 5: Dawn being the key to a hell dimension.


Pretty sure, I’m a broken record by this point, but this was wicked good. From ghosts to more bug demons to Harmony thinking a bear trap is a good idea. There’s no shortage of surprises in classic slayer fashion. Some were meh, some were goofy, and some were classic and awesome.


“Sometimes a man has to remember where he came from. Even if he’s the one who knows where that is.” (Jonathan-Codename: Comrades, Jonathan, p. 32)

“The past always comes back to haunt you.” (Giles Beyond the Pale, Riley, p. 126)

“…An echo. So we just hear it and feel it forever.” (Giles Beyond the Pale, Buffy, p. 182)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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