The Scarlet Playlist – Sept. 6, 2021

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not then we’ll just tell it to sod off. But to try to make a good one, and a good week, I’ve got the reading playlist of the week for you. Of course this doesn’t have to only be a reading playlist. Make it your workout playlist or your driving playlist on the way to work or school. Whatever you want. I compiled it just for you guys.

This week, I was inspired by The Summer Set returning to the spotlight with a new single. I love their music. It’s always upbeat and forward. Every song I’ve listened to by the band has been catchy and wonderful, even though some can be vengeful and others divinely toe-curling (yes, I mean ‘Lightning in a Bottle’). LOL. Who knew vengeful could be great? (‘F*ck You Over’ is delightful. It’ll get you grinning.)I’m beyond thrilled to hear new music by them and am excited to have them at the top of this week’s playlist.

1. Street Lightning – The Summer Set (So in love with this one.)

2. Addicted – Simple Plan (The skater-punk era. Always a favorite.)

3. Shelter – FINNEAS

4. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

5. Where Are You Going? – Dave Matthews Band (A welcome throwback.)

6. Plastic Hearts – Miley Cyrus (I think rock n roll suits Miley more than the other genres she’s performed.)

7. Last Night – Good Charlotte

8. On The Loose – Niall Horan

9. Never Really Over – Katy Perry

10. Home – Daughtry

11. Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

12. Geronimo – Sheppard (Okay, not my favorite, but it’s catchy and positive. I can get behind that.)

More to come soon…


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