The Scarlet Playlist – August 9, 2021

Hey there, book cult!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all doing well. I’ve got the playlist of the week for you! Maybe you recognize a few of these and maybe some you’ll add to your own music library. Whatever the case, enjoy!

1. Hail to the Victor – Thirty Seconds to Mars

2. This is War – Thirty Seconds to Mars

3. Kings and Queens – Thirty Seconds to Mars

4. King – Years & Years

5. King of My Heart – Taylor Swift (One to get the heart swooning with nostalgia.)

6. Kings & Queens – Ava Max

7. Legend – The Score

8. Revolution – The Score

9. Prelude 12/21 – AFI (And the emo heart yawps.)

10. Hero – Weezer

11. In the Air Tonight – Kelly Sweet (A banging rendition. Intense and an adrenaline rush.)

12. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

Sometimes-most of the time-being a hero is hard and thankless and wearisome. The dark side of the moon of heroism is what I was feeling with this one. But, I couldn’t forget that silver lining at the end.

More to come soon…


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