The Scarlet Playlist – August 2, 2021

Hey there, book weirdos!

Happy Monday! Or if not, then maybe this’ll perk your day up. If this is your first time to The Scarlet Playlist then awesome! Every Monday I post a playlist of the week to get your week boppin’. I started doing this because I love to listen to music and read. It’s like getting an amazing soundtrack to an epic story. Or, maybe it makes the story better/bearable. And when the right song hits-BAM. You know what I mean. LOL. So, I’ve compiled a playlist for you!

Now, you don’t have to make it a reading playlist. Work out to it, get your car karaoke on while going to work, create performance art! Whatever you want. I compiled this just for you!

1. Fire For You – Cannons (I’m so in love with this one. Utterly chill and definitely steamy. A daydream haze.)

2. Still Breathing – Veridia

3. Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran (My favorite song by Sheeran.)

4. Interlude – GOWNS (I love these guys! Definitely a good time. The 80s flash and I got some serious The Lost Boys vibes.)

5. Natalie – Milk + Bone

6. The Woods – Hollow Coves (I get lost with this one. It just take same right out of my head and off to anywhere but here.)

7. What’s the Matter? – Milo Greene

8. When It Rains – Paramore

9. Need to Destroy – THC

10. Waves – Dean Lewis

11. We Are the Wild Ones – NINA

12. Sex On Fire – Cannons (A wonderful cover.)

I was in desperate need for something mellow but hot. We’re still in summer but hedging into fall. All of the craziness of summer has passed and now it’s time to chill under the throbbing sun and bake by a nightly bonfire under the stars. Or…maybe that’s just me.

More to come soon…


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