The Sundown Rundown – July 2021

Hey there, book humans!

Yeah, this month really slipped away from me. I didn’t get to share very many reviews or get very much reading done. I’ve been caught up in some tough life issues. My main job closed down and it closed down on short notice, leaving me loaded on work duty. Being told to be fully close within two weeks was hard on not only my mental health but my physical health as well. I enjoyed my job so I was a bit heartbroken. In the midst of closing down I was working overtime each week. I’m talking 45-55 hours a week. And, as a heavy lifter and speedy doer, I was-and still am-covered in cuts and bruises head to toe and dead exhausted. I’m taking time to recover and to catch up on here. I’m so grateful for all of the patience and that you guys are still with me.

Safe to say, I’m actually pretty glad the month is at its end. LOL. With the end of the month, I have the monthly wrap-up. Though the sun sets on the month so it also does on the day. So, as you relax after a long day you’re ready to kick back and relax. While you’re doing that, fgo ahead a take a quick scroll and see what you might’ve missed this month. Granted, it’s not much, but still.

The Black Kids

Author: Christina Hammonds Reed


Ashley’s life takes a sharp during her senior year, a time that’s supposed to be filled with fun and unlimited possibilities about the future. But, when the police officers that beat Rodney King half to death are released, everything changes. She goes from being one of the girls to one of the black kids.

March Vol. 1 (March #1)

Author: John Lewis


The first volume detailing Congressman John Lewis’s life, beginning with his life at home and determination for an education and following his first meeting with Martin Luther King Jr. and his first sit-in at segregated diners, in the beginning stages of de-segregation.

Honestly, there are no best and least liked this month. I really enjoyed both of these. Both are relevant, entertaining, and bold. Impeccable storytelling.

More to come soon…


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