The Scarlet Playlist – July 19, 2021

Hey there, book humes!

Happy Monday! I’ve got the weekly playlist for you! Inspired by my love of listening to music while reading, I’m happy to share songs I love and some extra quips. Now, just because love a good reading playlist doesn’t mean you have to use it only while reading. Make it a workout playlist. Car karaoke the crap out of it on the drive/ride home from work, school, or wherever it’s been a stressful day. Listen to it while bee keeping if you like that kind of thing. I’d like that kind of thing but we’re not allowed to have any of that where I live. One day though, it’d be nice. However you like to have your music, love it. Just not while robbing a bank or some high speed chase. I do not support crime. LOL. In any case, enjoy. I compiled this just for you.

1. Out of My Limit – 5 Seconds of Summer (A light one for sure.)

2. Halfway There – Lifehouse

3. Uncover – Zara Larson

4. Hold My Breath – Downtown Fiction

5. Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots (Dare I turn myself into a pariah here, but I’m not a huge fan. This one was relatable while also being a bop.)

6. Crash – SafetySuit

7. When We Where Young – The Summer Set (Feeling that nostalgia punch you in the stomach.)

8. Unbroken – Demi Lovato

9. Shake – Jesse McCartney

10. Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

11. Animal – Ke$ha (Sometimes you gotta let it all out. When you do, you realize just how much you hold in for other people’s sake.)

12. Soulmate – Natasha Bedingfield (One day, right? I don’t give up hoping and dreaming of these things no matter how dark the world gets and how hard it bashes them.)

Looking back at this one, I’m thinking of how these ones remind me of points in time. Those specifics moments we’re taken to and look back on. I find that there’s nothing wrong with remembering it and what it taught us but living there can be dangerous. If you live there you never really see the present and the future is blocked.

More to come soon…


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