Speedy Quote Sunday

Hay there, book nerds!

I enjoy doing this post so much! I get to share some of my favorite lines from great books and even not so great books. Some carry on and make an impact on lives and some are just worthy of a smile or a laugh. They can punch you in a feels. So sharing these lines with all of you is fun and a great way to pique interest. Who knows, maybe one of these will strike you enough that you’ll snag the book and read it!

“Whatever is normal in this world, we have no part in it.” (Midnight Bites, Rachel Caine)

Same here, Myrnin. Same here. Who wants to be their bland definition of normal anyway?

“What-ifs are the STDs of the mind. Seriously. They’re pointless, and they end with you wanting to take a wire brush to your brain. Don’t waste your time there.” (The Brightest Night, Jennifer L. Armentrout)

So true! A maybe I’ve shared this one recently already, but I can’t help it. While hilarious, this also made such a good point. Humans are so acquainted with the possibility of other outcomes sometimes that it can be all-consuming and anxiety-inducing. I’m alway living in the land of what-ifs but working on not letting them get to me.

More to come soon…


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