The Scarlet Playlist – June 28, 2021

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! I’ve got the reading playlist of the week for you. This doesn’t have to be just for reading. Sing it out, dance to it. Hell, write to it. A playlist can inspire wonderful stories. Whatever you want, go for it. I compiled this just for you.

1. I’d Do Anything – Simple Plan (Do I know all the words? Hell yes, I do!)

2. In The Shadows – The Rasmus

3. Stilling Waiting – Sum 41 (This one too. LOL.)

4. In Too Deep – Sum 41

5. Watch It Burn – Push Play

6. Say It Ain’t So – Weezer

7. Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne (Not a day doesn’t go by where I want to be Avril in this song.)

8. Homecoming – Hey Monday

9. All To Myself – Mariana’s Trench

10. My Own Worst Enemy – Lit

11. Girl All the Bad Guys Want – Bowling For Soup

12. My Friend’s Over You – New Found Glory (Their version of Kiss Me is also dope.)

Did I get punk on you? Yes. Yes, I did. No regret. No shame. This is one of the many lands I grew up on. Don’t mind me as I put this playlist on repeat.

More to come soon…


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