Revenge is Best Served With Humor (The Serpent of Venice – A Book Review)

The Serpent of Venice (Fool #2)
Author: Christopher Moore
Published: 2014

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My Rating:

Rated F for fun and foolish plans that go awry amid villainy.

They waited at the dock. The three Venetians, for the fool to arrive.

Pocket, the fool, goes to Venice by his lady’s request, but when she is poisoned and he is then tricked and left in a dungeon for dead, he sets out for revenge. With his own wit and tricks, he’ll need to rescue Drool and his monkey, Jeff, from prison and then exact revenge on the man that tried to kill him. The plot continues to thicken when he learns that the treacherous Iago has something to do with the death of his precious Cordelia and is also trying to destroy his good friend, Othello. What does a mermaid have to do with this? That, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

The Fool, Pocket took on not only one play but two in this raucous good time, yet also complex and vengeful time. Two of Shakespeare’s plays collide and there’s a mermaid, too? It’s too good to be true. So good there’s no way it should work and yet, I was busting a gut the whole entire time with the exception of Cordelia’s demise. Though there is always a bloody ghost, so there was that.


Moore knocked it out of the park. Some authors struggle with beginnings and you can tell. Not the case here. Of course, when it’s Shakespeare it might not be so hard. Then again, maybe because of Shakespeare it could have been. Shakespeare is a literary great. Come to think of it, the playwright would probably roll over in his grace in either horror or hysterical laughing at this book. I think it’d be laughter.

The narrator being dragged into the story was great. A great addition to tale that made it Moore’s. It broke a wall for sure and made him a character of the play not just the one telling the play. Not only that, but Iago looked more psychotic and that was hilarious! Moore truly embraced these characters and gave them so much. A the addition of the mermaid? Totally crazy but just the right amount of crazy. What seemed like such a small side-arc really amounted to so much more with the creature. Definitely one of my favorite moments.


Fun and full of laughs. Comedic genius with a great spin on Shakespeare. I’m always coming back for more. He really makes it his own while respecting the literature. A must read.


“In the dark may you contemplate the cracks in your soul wherein leaks wickedness, Pocket.” (p. 20)

“Another calamity threatened, another rescue to be attended to—what a bawdy bitch is fate when the best bit of a bloke’s day is a brace of bloody mermaid murders.” (p. 120)

“Methinks the lady protests just the right amount. Methinks the lady is just getting fucking started protesting.” (Emilia to Iago, p. 254)

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