Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book psychos!

Happy Sunday, and if this is your first time to a SQS then welcome to the Speedy Quote Sunday! Every other Sunday I share a couple of quotes from books I’ve reviewed or enjoyed. It’s something I really like because it’s a way to get personal and share a little part of me. And maybe it gets a little inspirational or is just hysterical, because some lines are just hilarious and need to be shared with the world. Here we go!

Also, I’m really excited about this one. I went in a bit of a different direction and I think you’ll like it.


I wasn’t admiring

the freckles on your skin;

I was stargazing.

& when I said I wanted

to make love to you,

I meant all of you.

& when you felt my fingers

tracing poetry

over parts of you that

were supposedly broken,

know that all I saw
were prisms, refracted light,

& everything I wanted

to make mine.

(Stargazing at Noon, Amanda Torroni)

Ahhhh, poetry. Like music of books. Visionary. Wonderful and this book and author is amongst my major favorite in this art form. My heart swoons so hard it basically melts into the air when I read this one. Such a beautiful and moving piece about loving everything about a person and loving them more for their scars which is what’s made them who they are.


I think it's for the best
if I should open up my chest
and mail the contents to your hotel room
to wake you while you rest.

(I Would Leave Me If I Could, Halsey)

Such a contrast to the one before but just as powerful. The second I heard that Halsey was releasing a book I knew I had to read it. And I didn’t regret and single bit. outstanding prose, like an oozing open wound. Stunning and loud. Heartbreak and heartache feel this way and I could feel Halsey ripping her own heart out.

More coming soon…


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