Typical Everyday Impending Doom (BTVS Omnibus: Vol. 4 – A Book Review)

BTVS: Omnibus Vol. 4

Author: Joss Whedon, Andi Watson, Christopher Golden, Dan Brereton

Published: 2008

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My Rating:

Rated T for the extra twist that even surprises the slayer.

“They thought it was over.

I love it when they think it’s over.”

Volume 4 of the Omnibus collection brings season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to a close. Many moments in between defeating the Mayor and dealing with a rogue slayer and handling the ever-impending doom of life after high school. Zombies, clones, and movie magic. The Scooby gang is in for a riot of typical Sunnydale shenanigans that threaten their lives and the rest of the world. That’s living on the Hellmouth for you.

BTVS: Omnibus is 1 of 4 graphic novel series that I’m doing for my New Year’s Resolution.

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This was definitely the wackiest. So far anyway. This volume stretched outside the norm of BTVS. I know. BTVS has a norm? LOL. Well, I guess not so much and some of these stories really proved that. Buffy getting cloned and then nearly killed by said clone but was saved by another clone. Definitely a story that has more of a season 4 vibe, but really got the feels going for Buffy who got to see herself from the outside.


Angel got more screen-time. Aside from a glimpse of him in prime Angelus form in the last volume, there hasn’t been much of him until now. Such an imperative part of Buffy’s life, it was great to see that he was more included even though he’ll be leaving shortly. Still, more backstory on the vampire was epic. There was more light shown on his complicated past and a reminder of just how much guilt sits on his shoulders.

The small peeks into the lives of each of the other characters was a great addition. It gives more dimension to the series which isn’t anything I can ever complain about as a fan. The subtleties taken to the TV series with this volume was wonderful. This stood by itself almost like its own set of episode and even had continuances with old villains and recurring characters. I do wish there’d been a peek at Joyce here and there. The mom is truly underrated. And Jonathan! The high school version of him was not highlighted enough.

The style still surprises me. In a good way, of course. From the artwork itself to the writing styles. The voices remain the same but vies is different every time. For example, the short with Cordelia and Buffy at the mall was giggle-worthy and fun and Buffy has that from time to time. It’s relieving from the darker stories that break through this series.

I will say that this was my least favorite so far. It’s not by a large margin either. It’s just that some of the volume didn’t snatch my undying attention like the previous volumes. LOL.


Fun, totally Buffy. As a part of a collection, I’m definitely keeping it. The story about Giles and a zombie problem is definitely my favorite by far out of this volume. Now, up on the Buffy shelf it goes.

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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