The Winds of Change That Sway (BTVS Omnibus: Vol. 5 – A Book Review)

BTVS Omnibus: Vol. 5 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus #5)

Author: Joss Whedon, Christopher Golden, Jane Espenson

Published: 2008

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Rated D for drama, weird dreams, and demon slay-age, literally and not literally.

Volume 5 hedges the Scooby Gang into uncharted territory. Some friends are bid farewell while some old ghosts refuse to say goodbye. They faced many changes ahead while untold stories are finally brought to light. From Faith who is now in a coma to Buffy being plagued by dreams-nightmares-of her. Summer is over and new horizons await, including bigger threats to Sunnydale.

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This was one of the best volumes so far. This volume reminded me of the season 4 finale with all of the cameos. From the ghost of Mayor Wilkins to faith to Angel/Angelus to Oz to Adam before Professor Walsh turned him all Frankenstein. There was an abundance of characters just as there was at the finale. With this volume and then that, it feels like a full circle almost. All in all, it was just really cool. LOL. Extra cameos and extra backstory, not to mention Easter eggs for season 4.

Oz’s reflection on his past and working toward his future in OZ was phenomenal. Oz in general is an amazing character. Genuine and chill. So, him getting his own story, to himself, was everything I wanted. It was my favorite out of the entire volume, hands down.

The weight of being the Slayer was emphasized even more during The Heart of a Slayer as it added more weight to Buffy’s shoulders. Meeting yet another Slayer, this one coming from the past, was a whole new experience. This Slayer’s mission predated Buffy’s existence but spoke to a prophecy that would later involve Buffy—her battle with Glory, I presume. That or The First. And, the sacrifices made for Buffy really gave her perspective albeit morosely. The woman never catches a break, and this time it was one of those hard ones.

Buffy wasn’t the only who got a kick in the heart either. Xander took one pretty hard when he realized that the friendship between him and Willow had shifted drastically since she’d begun studying witchcraft. A well written tale, for sure. And Spike’s input was (and always has been) well-put and blunt and hilariously appreciated. Still, the shift was a big one that rippled through the series. One of those changes that just hits you like a smack to the head.

Side Note: More noticeably is Dawn’s absence noticed though she’d been fairly present in the first couple volumes. Strange and a little disappointing.Though since she hasn’t been created by the monks yet, that makes sense.

Impeccable artwork with strong and fluid writing that kept in tune with the show. More emotional than previous volumes and each character went through some pretty intense and personal journeys for themselves. A greater depth of discovery for sure. I was amazed and thoroughly loved this volume. Some pretty deep storylines that was classic and even brought closure in some areas.


My favorite so far. Between season 3 and moving into 4, I found it to be interesting. I didn’t hate season 4 as much as everyone else. There was an experience to be had with realizing why the world didn’t acknowledge magic and Slayers. They can’t freaking comprehend it. It’s an ancient world that has been all but forgotten. Not to mention humanity’s determination to ignore evil like it’s not real just because science can’t explain it. How typical. With the changes between the Scooby Gang and closure finding some characters, this new chapter opened up so much and got me in the land of feels from time to time.

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