The Sundown Rundown – May 2021

Hey there, book hoarders!

The sun is setting in those beautiful wisps of faded blue, peaches, lavenders, and possibly a speckle sparkle of stars. The end of May has come. Relaxing, with a nice drink-a stiffer one, if you’re like me-I like to reflect back on the month, especially since it’s gone by so fast. The weather has been crazier than usual with every season at once basically. And isn’t funny that life can be like that, too? I wish I could find the right words that would allow me to go deeper into that, but honestly it’s as frank as life has been tough shit lately. Particularly in my mental space. Grappling with it has been a hell of a storm, but the dark clouds are clearing.

While life has taken a bit of a sharp turn, I’m glad I can still come here and share one of my favorite pleasures with you guys. Reading and getting to share my insight and thoughts on it has always given me a sense of place. Speaking of, because it’s the end of the month, I’ve got the Sundown Rundown for you. This is yoru chance to catch up on all of the books I’ve reviewed this month, so take a scroll! Maybe you’ll spy one to put on your TBR.

The Catcher and the Rye

Author: J. D. Salinger


Holden. expelled from prep school, runs away to the city and finds more than he ever expected. His rebellious ways and casual straightforwardness brings him as much revelation as it does trouble.

Midnight Bites

Author: Rachel Caine

Penguin Random House

Even Morganville has its own stories and here’s a complete collection of them.

BTVS Omnibus: Vol. 4

Author: Joss Whedon


Buffy and the gang’s journey in high school comes to a close in this volume. With unfinished business with the mayor to adjusting to coming change. A whole new world is opening up for them, but what does change are the same old same old with the slay-age.

Heat Stroke

Author: Rachel Caine


Jo’s life as a Weather Warden is over. Her life as a Djinn has just begun…and so has the possible end of the world. Great.

the mermaid’s voice returns in this one

Author: Amanda Lovelace


The final installment to Lovelace’s trilogy. After so much heartache and rage comes acceptance and a powerful voice that still fights for those hurt and afraid.

Favorite book this month: Heat Stroke was my absolute favorite. Steamy, fast-paced, and absolutely obsessed. Jo has quickly become one of my favorite character. Not a martyr or containing any bit of self-righteousness, she knows what it is to do the right thing even it if hurts. Granted, she’s rough around the edges with nil for stupidity and I can appreciate that. I also appreciate a good narrative with weather as a supernatural element and a good end-of-the-world.

Least favorite book this month: I’ve noticed that it’s either one way or the other with this one. The Catcher and the Rye was so terrible for me. Fantastic writing and ahead of its time, but I found a burning rage as I read this one. While some called Holden a hero, I found him to be a petulant, privileged child. I found very little enjoyment though there were moments of stark clarity and advice to be heard.

See you in June!

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