As The World Falls Down (Heat Stroke – A Book Review)

Heat Stroke (Weather Warden #2)

Author: Rachel Caine

Published: 2004

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Rated H for trouble so hot and heavy that the world just may end.

The Wardens Association continues to protect the human race from extermination by climatic extremes. That is, when they’re not turning on their own…

Jo Baldwin’s life as she used to know it is over. Now, she’s been reborn as a Djinn. While she’s finding it quite enlightening, nobody, especially David, told her that it would come with a whole new set of rules. As she tries to learn them, it’s discovered that there’s a rip in the Earth’s atmosphere and not only are the Djinn at risk but so is everyone on the planet. An apocalypse of natural disaster proportions threatens to rip the planet apart. As Jo and David rally with other Djinn to try and save it, Jo comes face to face with a sudden realization that may cost her everything.

Actions have consequences and Jo and David learned that right quick as Jo’s being turned into a Djinn comes back to haunt everyone. David’s saving Jo by turning her Djinn didn’t come as a freebie and the cost was the world. Though always sassy, Jo was ready to give it all up if that meant saving it and David was giving up so much for her to have a second chance. The two of them against the world and also for the world. It makes my heart melt into molten lava. Maybe it does seem overdramatic, but sue me, I enjoy that on the occasion. And a love that’s worth splitting yourself in two and possibly causing the end of the world? Sure it sounds drastic, but damn if I don’

David and Jo…I am loving this ship more and more and MORE. Even though they were basically the reason for an apocalyptic event. LOL. They’re such opposites but so not and that was especially noticeable as David trained Jo on being a Djinn. Jo’s all flashy and spicy-tempered and then there’s David that has a level of chill that doesn’t exist in any human on the planet. It’s astounding. He has a patience unlike any other. And the spark of jealousy he gets whenever Lewis comes up gives me life. Don’t get me wrong, triangles can be a fickle bitch but this isn’t a triangle. Pretty sure at this point anyway. Still, Lewis is the one area that actually does get to David. It’s a rarity and I know it makes me a little evil, but I love that the thought of Lewis can ignite that feeling in David when not much else can.

Still, with as steamy as it gets between David and Jo, I’m not concerned. Even at the fact that Jo trusts Lewis with her life, I’m not. Seriously though, Caine wrote a steamy scene like no other, reaching a level so intimate that I was mindblown. I certainly stopped breathing here and there. LOL. The chemistry between those two is explosive. They’ve become one of my top favorites so fast.


But, with favorites also came the un-favorites. I thought Bad Bob was the worst. I had no idea what I was saying.  In walked Yvette, the most wretched bitch I’ve encountered in the world of books. Worse than Umbridge from Harry Potter. I’m not kidding, guys. This woman is what nightmares are made of. She’ll make you want to puke the way she treats people and others, including her stepson, Kevin, whose trauma was heartbreaking. And yet, she was considered a good guy by so many others? Makes me shudder and reminds me of real people who are considered heroes but are really villains.


The Weather Wardens clashed head on with the Djinn as the world fell apart around them, or tried to fall apart. Still reconnecting with a few Wardens from the last book and meeting a couple new Djinn—Jonathan—not only reflected back but pushed forward and gave more detail to the book, especially in regards to Djinn. The backstory and history on Djinn filled out so much more story, expanding it and keeping me even more invested. It gave way to even bigger twists and turns that pressed my thrill button repeatedly. But I live for that kind of build-up. It drags the reader further into the world created by the author.

And that cliffhanger at the end, promising a new villain? How dastardly! Still, Kevin was hurt pretty badly by Yvette and the way it’s twisted him destroys me. I’m still hoping that Jo can reach him somehow.


So much more in love with this series than before. I’m actually verging on obsessive. LOL. The first book was the spark but this one turned the series into a raging wild fire. I absolutely love it. Fast-paced and addictive. I can’t put this series down. Sheer originality with unsung supernatural. Loved every bit of it. From the intimacy to the action to the dark and gritty. So many elements that created a fantastic read.


“Excuse me, but the closest I ever got to a spiritual awakening was dating a yoga instructor once.” (Jo, p. 31)

“It doesn’t matter if you’re ready. Nothing ever stops you, Jo. Nothing ever has. I need you because you’re the only person I’ve ever known who’s completely incapable of losing a fight.” (Lewis to Jo, p. 160)

“Things screw up all the time. Hey. You gotta love the excitement. Granted, this is a lot more exciting than usual…but you stay alive as long I have, you learn to take these things in stride. The Djinn have faced worse.” (Jonathan to Jo, p. 315)

“Balance was great in theory. Not so great when you were having to make choices that would inevitably cost lives.” (p. 326)

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