Feels Like Coming Home (Midnight Bites – A Book Review)

Midnight Bites: Stories of the Morganville Vampires

Author: Rachel Caine

Published: 2016

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Penguin Random House

My Rating:

Rated H because there’s no place like home, especially this one.

Welcome to Morganville.

You’ll never want to leave.

By day, Morganville, Texas, is just a typical college town. By night, the vampires emerge and take control…

And sometimes it’s not just vampires you’ll find lurking in the darkness or the light. In this ultimate collection of Morganville short stories your favorite characters run into many unexpected adventures. These are the moments in between the big stories where we get a deeper look into the lives of Morganville and crawl into the bit of town yet to have been experienced. Experience some stories from characters you never thought you would including Hannah Moses and Richard Morrell.

The traditional tagline changed with this book and it was perfect. Typically, “And even if you do, you can’t.” followed it but not this time. This collection is something you’d read after completing the series and at that point, never want to leave this town, having embraced everything within it and come to love it, fangs and all. And I certainly have.


The different pair-ups in these stories really answered a wish of mine. Shane and Myrnin in Pitch-black Blues for example? Actually, a lot of fun! I always wondered about what it would be like if they got stuck together rand Claire wasn’t around. Totally a worthwhile tale. So is Anger Management where Shane and Theo Goldman have a one-on-one therapy session. Who would’ve thought Shane would get advice from a vampire and actually take it? LOL.

This collection gave a glimpse of life after the series ended and that, just as Amelie said, there would always be something going on in Morganville. Always. This filled such a needy part of me. Much like many others that enjoyed this series, I just wasn’t ready to let go and I still am not, but I know it does stop here. With Caine having passed away, the series does come to an end but in such a classic and beautiful way that it’ll still go on in my heart. I know, how very Celine Dion of me.

The style really takes on the voices of the characters such as Sam, Amelie, Richard, and even Oliver. And it’s done so well! Totally loved each of them. Also loved the fact that each and every Glass House resident thought in unison of Amelie as an ice queen. That cracked me up. Superb writing that kept me engaged and intrigued. The night Michael saved Eve and the Glass House started coming together—definitely a favorite of mine. That was the start of everything, including their relationship and Eve getting the guy she always wanted. It made me all swoon-y in the heart. Also getting that first person POV from Eve in her own short story was freaking bomb.


Caine really upped her location game. While there are many places that have been explored there were still so many spots we haven’t seen. An old abandoned house, the outskirts of Morganville, a creepy hotel, more of the high school. Caine’s widespread map of the town is also one of the big things that kept me invested in this series because while you get so familiar with it, there are always little places that surprise you and it feels homier. That’s such a special feeling, coming into a book (series) and wanting to stay not just for the characters but for the place and the community and the floaty feeling it gives you because when you close your eyes you can see it so clearly.


I can never let this series go. Not ever. It’s so ingrained inside my bones with love. Morganville will be a home to me always and a place I’ll never leave. I implore people to read this not because it’s something that has to have some huge moral you take with you in life but because these are characters you fall in love with and watch grow and a town you come back to time and time again. It’s a wonderful story.


“Whatever is normal in this world, we have no part in it.” (Myrnin, Nothing Like an Angel, p. 24)

“Living in west Texas is sort of like living in hell, but without the favorable climate and charming people. Living in Morganville, Texas, is all that and a take-out bag of worse.” (Dead Man Stalking, p. 143)

“Dating the undead is a bad idea. Everybody in Morganville knows that—everybody breathing that is.” (Eve, All Hallows, p. 177)

“Evil must be fought, or what does it matter if we’re good/ Goodness can’t be weakness, of it ceases to be good.” (Theo Goldman, Anger Management, p. 364)

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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