Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book fiends!

I hope you all are doing well. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. You guys are the true MVPs.

Also, welcome to the Speedy Quote Sunday where I share a couple of quotes from books I’ve read and enjoyed. I love being able to share some of my favorite lines. Also, inspired by Mother’s Day, these ones stems from books that have a strong motherly influence, both good and bad.

“I was tired of losing things. No, not losing, having things taken from me. I couldn’t handle any more of the universe’s thievery.” (Heart of the Storm, Micheal Buckley)

Coming from the main character, Lyric, I found the strength she carried to be insurmountable in the face of ever changing hardships. Her mother was a peaceful yet unmovable badass that carried a difficult secret for so long and molded Lyric into a powerful and formidable woman. Just astounding and this line really delivered a strong essence

“Willie said normal was boring and that I should be grateful that I had a touch of spice. She said no one cared about boring people, and when they died, they were forgotten, like something that slips behind the dresser.” (Out of the Easy, Ruta Sepetys)

This one was more blunt but still made its mark. While Jo, the main character, is the daughter of a truly cruel and evil woman, she is surrounded by so many that support her, including Willie, a tough as nails woman that inspired Jo to grow tough skin. Sometimes you have to grow that skin to protect yourself from people that hurt you.

More to come soon…


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