Sundown Rundown – April 2021

Hey there, book humes!

The sun sets not only on the day but on the month of April. I know I’m relaxing with a nice drinkat the moment. This month has taken me for quite the spin in many different ways. I know it’s been a hell of a month for me. How about you? From wonderful warm weather to frost to snow and back again. I’m ready for summer! I demand it! LOL. But seriously.

I’m bummed I was unable to get a book tag out this month. I just couldn’t find or think up a good one. BUT! I have one planned for May! Kind of excited about. You could say it’s going to be so fetch.

I’ve got the end of the month wrap-up for you where you can take a scroll and catch up on any reviews you might’ve missed for April. Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of my five books. I’m even more excited to share what I’ll be into next month. You know a few of them already but I’ve got a couple extras in there that I can’t wait to read. But, until then, here’s April’s books.

Maus II: And Here My Troubles Began…

Author: Art Spiegelman


The second volume follows Art’s father during his time in Auschwitz and how Art reflects the effects its had on his father and him.

Ill Wind (Weather Wardens #1)

Author: Rachel Caine


Life’s not easy when you can manipulate the weather and is less easy when you have a bounty on your head for killing one of the most powerful Weather Wardens. On the run Joanne goes, but what she didn’t expect was the roadie she picked up on the side of the road to be a Djinn that could help her.

BTVS: Omnibus Vol. 3

Author: Joss Whedon


The whimsies and evil-fighting continues for the Scooby Gand and some tales go on to unveil some things we never know about the characters of BTVS and the burdens they carry.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Twilight #3.5)

Author: Stephanie Meyer


Some lives are cut short. Bree’s was cut short twice, each time before she had a chance to really live. A sad look outside the Cullen clan, at a baby vampire that just wanted out of Victoria’s vengeance war.

Out of the Easy

Author: Ruta Sepetys

Josie “Jo” just wanted a fresh start far away from the dirty and dangerous streets of New Orleans. Dragged into a murder investigation, she realizes she’s going to have to fight much harder to have the future she’s dreaming of.

Favorite book this month: Ill Wind took the win this month. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew that I wanted to read it really bad and I was not disappointed. A fast headrush of hard-hitting emotions and action with a side of plot twists. The spontaneity was sublime. This is the part where I whine for more.

Least favorite book this month: None of them made me want to chuck them at the wall, but I did think The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner was probably my least favorite. Though it pulled at the heartstrings and I was left a little heartbroken, I did wish there’s been more oomph behind it in some places. It felt rushed in places and sometimes forced.

See you in May!

More to come soon…


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