The Scarlet Playlist – April, 26, 2021

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! I hope all are well. I know we’re approaching the end of April. I’ve had everything from rain to warm sunshine to fracking snow. It’s crazy and I’m ready for good, golden summer. All of this up and down is giving me whiplash. LOL.

Anywho! Monday! That means it’s time for the playlist of the week! I love creating these for you. I get to share what I have in my music library and five you a compilation to enjoy and have fun with. Like books, music can tell wonderful stories. They also make for wonderful soundtracks to books. Now, this doesn’t have to be either for you, feel free to make it your workout playlist, get inspired, get your car karaoke on to it! Whatever you want.

1. Let’s Get It Started – Black-Eyed Peas

2. Crazy Beautiful Life – Ke$ha (Best Line Ever: “Yeah, I know I’m the new bitch on the block.”)

3. Take My Hand – The Cab

4. Dancing With A Stranger – Sam Smith & Normani

5. Just Dance – Lady Gaga ft. Akon

6. Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga (Definitely my favorite song during her wild era.)

7. Holding Onto Heaven – Foxes (I’ve recently gotten into Foxes. Definitely want more.)

8. Starships – Nick Minaj

9. Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

10. The Other Side – Jason Derulo

11. Latch – Dispatch ft. Sam Smith

12. Super Bass – Nicki Minaj (You know all the words to this one. Don’t lie.)

If you couldn’t tell, this is totally a dance playlist. A fun party that will get your body moving. Who doesn’t need one of these sometimes? Just to let loose, have fun? Get your dance on and have a great week!

More to come soon…


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