Tis Bittersweet, Such a Short Life (The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – A Book Review)

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Twilight #3.5)

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Published: 2009

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My Rating:

Rated S for short but sweet-lived right to the end of unlife. Almost poetic.

It was too late now to choose anything.

From a point of view so unexpected in the Twilight series, comes a short story about a young vampire caught in a vengeance war between two vampires and the Cullen clan. The struggle to survive as a newborn vampire is difficult and as Bree Tanner adjusts, she knows the orders and training she and the others are being put through is false and that their leader, Riley is hiding something. Still, it’s too late. While trying to understand what she is and what she is getting ready to do, she can’t do a thing to stop it, especially after Diego, an unexpected friend, goes missing. What’s in store for her?

Sweet, intriguing, a dash of romantic, and ultimately tragic. How Shakespearian. Though not imperative, this was a great addition to the Twilight saga. This gave a true and decent perspective to how the Cullen pack looked to a complete outsider, somebody that wanted nothing to do with this, and in a way, it perpetrated the Cullens as the bad guys. In a way, they were. They wanted nothing but death for Bree who just wanted to survive in this life she was brought into against her will. Granted, Carlisle and Esme tried their damnedest to help save her but I don’t believe it was hard enough, like for Bella. Sure, Bree was a stranger, but so were each of their kids before they made them and adopted them. Just saying.


There was so much shrouded in mystery. It was as if I was wearing a blindfold half the time which is what I’m gathering Bree felt like. Poor child. And, as hard as she fought, the entirety of this entire story was feeble and heartbreaking. I got quite teary-eyed over Diego. The two of them were the beginning of something great. Sometimes…sometimes things don’t have a happy ending. Still, Fred-the loner and only one with a talent in the newborn crew-I hope he got away and was able to stay away. Smart and observant, somebody deserved to live.

Nonetheless, this pulled at my heartstrings though there was depth lacking. Then again, could there really be too much depth when you’re a muddle-puddle of anxiousness as a brand new vampire just trying to live? Exactly. So, I wasn’t too picky about the writing. It was a good read. Didn’t pull me in so much as ripped me up a bit emotionally.


A quick read and definitely a way to complete my Twilight set. I don’t think there’s anything in the series that was as tragic as this. Not for me. From the get-go, you know the main character will die and as you go and get to know her, you start to hope she makes it. That hurts so horribly. Ugh. I need comfort food. Read this, but be prepared.

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