Another Day on the Hellmouth – (BTVS: Omnibus Vol. 3 – A Book Review)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus Vol. 3

Author: Andi Watson, Christopher Golden, and Dan Brereton

Published: 2008

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My Rating:

Rated C because being the chosen one can be complicated

The definitive Buffy the Vampire Slayer series continues…

The third volume of BTVS brings the harrowing Scooby Gang into the third season of the show. From chaotic witch juju-and that doesn’t mean Willow’s intro to witchcraft-to a haunted house. The crew has a lot going on but that’s okay. They’ve got the Slayer on their side.

BTVS: Omnibus is 1 of 4 graphic novel series that I’m doing for my New Year’s Resolution.

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Unique and fun stories filled this volume. From Xander facing off with an ancient warrior that drinks the blood of those it conquers to Buffy and Giles dealing with another Ethan Rayne schism, it’s never boring in Sunnydale. The omnibus collection is still fantastic. Getting to read these is like catching the episode between the episodes! So much fun and humorous.

The characters still stood up to their TV counterparts. Yeah, there’s a but in there. In the very first story I was deeply discombobulated about who Oz was in a relationship with. Willow? Or Buffy? Weird question, right? But if you saw how cuddly she got with the puppy-dog then you’d get it. Like, slouching on him while he had an arm around her and then still had that arm around her when they’d fallen asleep during a movie. So. WEIRD! Oz is a laid back, chill, dude but not the kind of guy that gets cuddly with every girl. I have no idea what the illustrators were on, but uh, maybe lay off next, eh?


There was still a taste of a Drusilla and Spike adventure which I always love. This time it was after season 2 and Spike’s infatuation with Buffy had only just begun which of course, we know led to their break-up and Spike on his intense development. Still, it was a great look at their relationship and just how complicated and psychotic it gets.

My favorite story had to be the final one with Ethan Rayne. I always got schoolgirl-crazy excited whenever the warlock showed himself. He’s intelligent, daring, pushing buttons, and quite charming. He’s always been a favorite recurring character of mine next to Johnathan. His episodes are entertaining and fun and never quite apocalyptic. He’s one villain I’m always excited and giddy about.

The writing remains punny and catchy and fun as does the graphics. So much action and teen angst. As a huge BTVS fan, I’ve got no complaints. The artwork goes hand in hand with the characters, capturing the fast-paced storytelling. Loud and like an outburst, it kept me invested.


A great inclusion to season three and still a wonderful selection albeit for a couple of weird moments that didn’t quite fit. Soo many fantastic highlights though. Keeping this for my collection.

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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