Storm is Coming In (Ill Wind – A Book Review)

Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1)

Author: Rachel Caine

Published: 2003

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My Rating:

Rated L because lightning doesn’t just strike once but maybe twice…thrice and you love it every time. Yup, that’s this book.

Some Wardens control fire, others control earth, water, or air – and the most powerful can control more than one element. Without Wardens, Mother Nature would wipe humanity off the face of the earth…

Joanne “Jo” Baldwin is a Weather Warden. It’s typically her job to help disperse catastrophic weather before it can destroy people’s worlds. However, she’s gotten herself into a bit of trouble that could not only cost her her abilities but her life. Her only hope of getting out of it is Lewis, the most powerful Warden. He’s on the run at the moment, too, for stealing three bottles of Djinn, and finding him is trickier than staving off a hurricane. Still, her life is in his hands and possibly the hands of her new passenger, David who has his own secrets.


I love Rachel Caine’s work. I’m always blown away. This was no exception. Jo is a fiery character with wit and a guard up to protect others. By the way she comes across you’d never guess she’d protect others. That surprised me. She’s blunt and forward and brutally honest in many cases, but her heart is made of gold. Did I mention she’s quite the rule breaker? That has to be one of the most fun bits though it’s primarily what gets her into trouble. It’s also what got her such good allies and friends that still tried to help her while she was trying to stay ahead of the storm that chased her. With Delilah, her fine Mustang. A woman who loves her car? I’m loving her just as much as the guys in the book.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve come across a character with so many levels. Absolutely amazing. An eye-catcher. This entire novel was a rollercoaster. Unprredictable and feverish. Definitely one of those ones that if you can’t handle open ends and non-stop moving without a second thought then I wouldn’t recommend it. This is total spontaneity at its finest with no second guessing. Just going and not looking back.


The chemistry between Jo and David was a slow-burn that suddenly crackled with so much energy that I was devouring this book in one sitting. David met Jo’s ferocity with a laid-back chill and thoughtfulness. I love the idea of Paul and Jo, but David and Jo are my big ship right now. It’s not that they’re opposites. There’s just this undeniable connection that kept me hooked on them. A desperation to dig and see where this goes, especially with how these two seemed to have their own secrets of which intertwined their lives together for better or for worse.

The use of weather patterns and following them so closely with beautiful such beautiful language was incredible. I love meteorology and this has to be the first time I’ve come across a novel that incorporates it in an integral way where it becomes a part of the supernatural genre. Not only that but weather became a very alive character in and of itself. Caine hit big here, especially with adding the tricky, dangerous Djinn to the mix. They’re uncommon among paranormal/fiction/fantasy. Could be due to their complexities. Caine gave such deadly beauty them that my jaw dropped.

Most prominent aside from the magnetic characters was the overload of exposition. I can see where that would stall many readers.  It’s not easy to get through so much detail with very little dialogue. But, having faith in Caine’s storytelling and ability to change up style with each series she’s done, I held on. I’ve also been dying to get started on this series for five years and am not giving up now. It was also totally worth it.

The length of these chapters was intimidating but not. At least not for me. LOL.The book is a little over 400 pages and just 5 chapters. While that would seem like a lot, I was so engulfed that the chapters flew by. The extra little detail and attention of the rules on how to care for your own Djinn really adds to the story, filling it out and ensnaring you more.



“I find that as a Warden it pays to drive something aerodynamic and fast that the wind will have a hard time shoving over a cliff.” (p. 29)

“Mother Nature is schizophrenic and homicidal, and the only thing that stands between you and hideous painful death is a couple of thousand people worldwide hanging on by their fingernails.” (Jo, p. 59)

“Power calls to power – always has, always will.” (p. 218)

“Sometimes you just have to let things burn.” (Lewis to Jo p. 299)

“I can be a real bitch sometimes, without meaning to.” (Jo p. 307)

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