The Scarlet Playlist – April 5, 2021

Hello, book lovers!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all well. For those of you new to the blog, this is The Scarlet Playlist. I got inspired to create this post from all my time listening to music while reading. So, I created playlists for you lovely humans. I love having a soundtrack to read to. The right song can really amplify a story. However, you don’t have to read to this. Use it as a workout playlist, dance to it. sing to it. Whatever you want. I complied it for you.

1. Heartbeats – Daniella Andrade + Dabin

2. I Want to Dance With Somebody – Chelsea Staub (Remember that one time Chelsea Staub was in that one ABC Family movie when ABC Family? Yeah, it was brief, but I loved this version of Whitney’s song. Peppy and springy.)

3. Follow You Down – Gin Blossoms

4.Free Falling – Tom Petty (Don’t tell me you don’t know the words! If you don’t, go listen. NOW! Then we’ll sing it together.)

5. Pictures – Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow

6. Underneath It All – No Doubt (My favorite by them!…When I liked Gwen Stefani. These days…not as much.)

7. Future Love – Kristinia Debarge

8. Never Really Over – Katy Perry

9. 1980 – Rehab

10. A Year Without Rain – Selena Gomez

11. Put Your Records On- Ritt Mimney (Not a half bad cover. Smooth and chill like soft, yellow sunlight through leaves.)

12: I Got The Boy – Jana Kramer

I was feeling a swell of fun and giddiness while making this playlist and let it whisk me away. This is definitely one that has some dancing qualities. Have a great week!

More to come soon…


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