Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book demolishers!

For those of you that celebrate, Happy Easter, and for those that don’t, it’s a good day to gorge on chocolate bunnies.

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I got started doing speedy quotes from another blog that’s actually not up and running anymore. It’s a great way to connect with fellow bookworms and share lines that seriously knocked you whether it was because it worked your emotions, was extremely relatable, or just hysterical. It’s also a lot of fun. The ones I have for you actually pull on my witchy elbow ironically enough.

“Secrets, like the dead, do not always stay buried.” (The Book of Life, Deborah Harkness)

I just finished this book recently and it was phenomenal. So many moments that caught me and had me riding emotions non-stop. The lines-there were many-were thought provoking, stunning, and reaching parts of me, moving me. This one struck humorous but true. Secrets don’t stay buried and neither do the dead. Many shouldn’t. This was quaint and dark but impactful. If the dead came back any normal person would run screaming. Imagine keeping secrets you shouldn’t.

“What’s meant to be is bound to happen, whether or not you approve.” (The Rules of Magic, Alice Hoffman)

I know I’ve shared this one before and I can’t help but share it again. I get struck by it and how it pierces like an arrow through the soul. The world, the future, the ladies of fate, they don’t care one lick about made plans. And while there’s so much we think we have control over, we actually have very little in life. The most we can do is hold on tight because this is the longest and largest rollercoaster we’ll ever be on. And we can either constantly frown at it or find the spots of sunlight and smile. Soome things are meant to be while others never were.

More to come soon…


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