You Are My Sunshine – A Book List

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Hey there, book lovers!

While a pesky groundhog predicted a longer winter, we were graced with an early spring. That inspired me to create this month’s book list! Of course, getting some daylight back from Daylight Savings id nice too. So, without further ado, books inspired by the giant, blinding, ball in the sky that we are eternally stuck circling. And, honestly? I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little more sunshine and I’m excited to share a list on it. Maybe you’ve read a few of these and maybe you’ll add a couple to your TBR. I know I’m adding a few!

The Sun is Also a Star

Author: Nicola Yoon


Natasha isn’t one to believe in chance or fate but that changes when she meets a cute boy and he shows her a side of life that she never dreamed of. Still, she can’t possibly fall in love with him, not when she and her family are being deported to Jamaica in twelve hours.

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Midnight Sun

Author: Stephanie Meyer


The story Twilight fans everywhere have been waiting years for. The POV of the saga that hasn’t been known until now. It’s time to tell Edward’s story.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns

Author: Khaled Hosseini


A historical journey across the history of Afghanistan from the invasion of the Soviet Union to the rise and rebuilding of the Taliban. Two generations are brought together through war and struggle to find happiness, family, and to keep surviving.

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Message in a Bottle

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

A journalist finds letters in a bottle from a man that are meant for his dead wife but when she meets him too get teh story of a lifetime she doesn’t mean to fall in love him.

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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Author: Paige McKenzie


Something weird is going on in Sunshine’s new home. Haunting, chilling things. Then she begins seeing things. The more she tries to tell her mother the less she believes her. Sunshine must confront whatever is haunting the her house before it’s too late and something terrible happens to her or her mother.

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The Sun and Her Flowers

Author: Rupi Kaar


A poetic journey in blooming and growing, discovery in one’s roots and honor.

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We Were Liars

Author: E. Lockhart


Lies upon lies. Destructive friendships. True love. The truth. But if anyone asks, lie.

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I’ll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Jandy Nelson

Jude and Noah couldn’t be more together but also so different for twins. Noah is an introvert who loves to draw and is falling in love with the boy next door. Jude is outgoing, does the talking for the both of them, and lives life to the extreme. But, later on, the twins barely speak. Both have suffered devastating blows but if they just talked, put the pieces together, then they may just find their way back to each other.

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More to come soon…


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