The Scarlet Playlist – Mar. 8, 2021

Hey there, book lovers!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not then I hope it perks up soon. I’ve got he playlist of the week for you. I love having music to read to, which is what inspired this post. But hey, this doesn’t just have to be a reading playlist. Dance to it, make it your de-stressing playlist you listen to on your way home from work, work out to it! Whatever you want. I compiled this just you, loves. And who knows, maybe you recognize a few, maybe there are a couple you haven’t heard in ages, and maybe there’s some you’ve never heard and will add to your own library.

1. So Good – Dove Cameron (The song + music video. Mwaahh😘! Giving me all kinds of Mazzy Star vibes.)

2. Burning Bridges – OneRepublic

3. Punch-Drunk Love – The Summer Set

4. Want You Back – HAIM (Catchy as hell and trendy without being trendy.)

5. Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson (This one gets me tossing and turning, let me tell you.)

6. Hold On – Colbie Caillat

7. In My Feelings – Lana Del Rey

8. All The Right Moves – OneRepublic

9. Cornelia Street – Taylor Swift

10. Close – Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo ( A great duo.)

11. Whisper Something Fragile – The Cab (Because sometimes you get lost in a small town.)

12. Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello (The right person will leave you this way.)

Nothing like the kind of wispy love that leaves your skin not on fire but like the heated embers all aglow. I was inspired by just that feeling and sometimes it’s bright and hazy and other times it’s like the sunlight after a summer rain, soft and cool. Both will leave you with a small secretive smile, even if there’s no secret.

More to come soon…


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