Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, bookworms!

Welcome to the Speedy Quote Sunday. every other week I share a couple of a quotes that inspire me, make me laugh, or just hit the right note. Every book whether utterly, breathlessly, fantastic, or actually pretty terrible, maybe worse than a 17-car pile-up, there’s always at least one line that reaches out and grabs you. I do enjoy getting to share them with you and connect with you. Maybe you’ve read these books too.

“Humanity’s always been suspicious at heart.” (Nancy Drew: The Curse, Micol Ostow)

A pretty big fan of the show, the prequel book was great. I was surprised. This line caught me by surprise because of how true it was. A beautiful and sly way to get it out and make a person think whether about the state of their heart or how they feel

“How to make enemies in less than sixty minutes flat. I wrote the freaking book.” (Roseblood, A. G. Howard)

Not one of my favorite reads, but this line was one that gave me some giggles. We’ve all got a book we’ve “written”. Mine is on being a klutz and overly awkward. LOL.

More to come soon…


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