The Scarlet Playlist – Mar. 1, 2021

Hey there, book clan!

Happy Monday! Welcome to The Scarlet Playlist. If this is your first time here, every Monday I post a playlist. I was inspired by the fact that I love to read and listen to music. The right music can provide a great soundtrack to the book you’re reading. However, this doesn’t have to be just for reading. Dance to it, sing to it, drown out the screaming oof youor cat that’s in heat. LOL. Whatever you want. I compiled this just for you guys.

1. See You Again – Carrie Underwoood

2. Soulmate – Natasha Beddingfield (Kind of sad, but really hits hard.)

3. Shine – Collective Soul

4. Breathe In Breathe Out – Mat Kearney (So beautiful.)

5. In This Life – Delta Goodrem

6. Wish You Were Here – Kate Voegele

7. Never Far Behind – Aly & Aj

8. Go Your Own Way – Lissie

9. Someday We’ll Know – Mandy Moore ft. Switchfoot

10. September – Colton Dixon (From the only season of American Idol I’ve ever watched.)

11. All You Had To Do Was Stay – Taylor Swift

12. Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry (Favorite!)

I was inspired by how sometimes saying goodbye doesn’t mean forever. Sometimes it’s, just for now. You’ll see them again, and maybe you don’t know when, but you can feel it. It’s a piece of you that you never let go. It may even be a piece somebody takes with them until they come back and return it.

More to come soon…


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