The Show Must Go On (Where Dreams Descend – A Book Review)

Where Dreams Descend

Author: Janella Angeles

Published: 2020

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My Rating:

Rated D for desire hotter than the flame of magic.

The stage is set. The spectacle awaits…

The Star. The Master. The Magician.

Kallia lived a trapped, sheltered life until she escaped it all. Sure, she had a stage all her own but she wanted more. She wanted a life all her own, not one controlled by Jack. Now striking out on her own, she enters a magician’s tournament determined to prove she’s as good as the rest of them. Demarco, a judge and once famous magician sees history repeating itself in her, but he’s drawn to her like the audience is to her dance of flame. He’s not the only one. Something dark and wicked comes for all of them but by the time they realize it it’s too late.

The fire is lit with this one! Literally and metaphorically. Absolutely beautiful imagery and fluidity and stunning storytelling. Jolting and eye-catching. Kallia is a young woman that is more than just eager, but desperate for more than the cage she’s lived in and after discovering that nearly every memory she has is false, she was breaking free. I loved the strength and how powerful her determination was. She was determined to be free and even more so to prove that she could make it on her own. What was so important with that was the showing and admittance that she could do it all on her own, but she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to. And, she didn’t. She enjoyed having true friends. Then there’s Demarco.


The chemistry between Demarco and Kallia was breathtaking from the moment they met. The tension between them is addicting. They both have secrets and dance around them throughout the book. And that cliffhanger at the end that basically ripped out my heart and made it cry bloody tears? UGHHH!!! No!!! I desperately need the next book so I can read about Demarco and the ragtag he’s gathered working to get his sister and Kallia back. Hell, where did she go!?

Taking place in the city of Glorien, I was taken by the fact that the book gives a map of the entire world the story resides in much like a Middle Earth. What surprised me and left me curious was the fact that you never leave the city. Not for the entire book, and it was still exciting and gripping and not claustrophobic like I thought it might be. Well, it got claustrophobic but not because of the book taking place in only one place but because of a shocking plot twist that was followed by many more until the very end. More than the map, were hints of other characters that may come into play later as well as a possibly much bigger plot than the trappings of magicians.

More so, the way the setting is so limited really gave way to so much more in the future. A work of intricate magic that kept me hanging on even after the last page because just like there’s so much more story to tell there’s so much more world to explore. I wonder where the next books will take place because I can’t imagine there’s a map that large if it isn’t explored later. It’s got me quite excitable.


One of the elements I really enjoyed was the magic. I’ve read a couple of other YA books that revolve around magicians and their magic, The Last Magician (review here), for example. The magic of a magician has been morphed into real magic and that is so wicked. More so, when taking a step back to analyze it a smidgen, the magic of a magician is utilized logically while that of other magics with witches, warlocks, etc, is emotional. Both are tethered to the being of a person but from opposite sides of the spectrum. It’s utterly fascinating. And the vibrant detail of it is phenomenal. An utter wonder.


A fantastic book of love lost, love possibilities, love for magical gifts, and a powerful tribute to the ability and strength of handling things without help but accepting it and wanting it and so much more. Independence doesn’t have to mean alone. A fiery beginning to something I can’t even put into the words in the best ways.


“Don’t you know the basics of show business? Everything is war on a stage many people want to claim…” (Kallia, p. 95)

“Look at you waltzing about like an angel with new wings.” (Aaros, p. 133)

“Anything that seemed too good to be true often was. Even a friend.” (p. 134)

“Strange how applause was just noise, when you were all alone.” (p. 383)

“I don’t care if you were a god or a king before any of this. None of that has ever mattered to me.” (Kallia to Demarco, p. 395)

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