Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book rioters!

Happy Sunday! Hope you are well. I’ve got a few lines from books I’ve read and (maybe) enjoyed tagged with some thoughts from my lopsided brain. What can I say, sometimes it’s because they make you life, because they resonate with you, or make you cry. Whatever the case they can be memorable. That’s the power of words.

“He thinks we’re what we look like on the outside: nice Southern ladies. Let me tell you something…there’s nothing nice about Southern ladies.” (The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, Grady Hendrix)

A fantastic and gritty book. Southern ladies are known for their boldness blending with politeness. It’s easy to mistake that for weakness when it certainly isn’t. You play with their fire, you risk getting burned. This line is a favorite of mine for just that reason.

“Some rules exist only to control someone.” (Rage and Ruin, Jennifer L. Armentrout)

I’m a big believer in this. You know, the whole “some rules are meant to be broken” spiel. And you figure those rules out as you go on living. Of course, you’re got to be aware of the ones out there that you shouldn’t break for the spite of it. Guidance isn’t a bad thing but some rules are useless and do nothing but hold you back.

More to come soon…


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