Gaslighting At Its Finest (After We Collided – A Book Review)

After We Collided (After #2)

Author: Anna Todd

Published: 2014

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My Rating:

Rated G for gaslighting and gross negligence of responsibility for abusive actions.

…I want to blame Tessa for ever speaking to me.

Hell, I want to blame everyone.

But I can’t. I did this.

I ruined her and everything we had.

But I’ll do whatever it takse to make up for my mistakes.

Expanded and now with Hardin’s point of view, the rocky ride of Tessa and Hardin takes an all new twist. After destroying her, Hardin tries to win her back, but it doesn’t come without trials and tribulation. There’s no learning curve when it comes to love. But, how much is Tessa willing to endure? When is enough enough? She isn’t sure she can keep on going with this up and down roller-coaster with Hardin and must make a life-changing decision that will determine her future.

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Have I mentioned how disgusting this series is? I seriously hope those who read this don’t look at Hardin and Tessa as a great example of a relationship. There’s a difference between fighting for your relationship and making it through rough patches, and then taking non-stop abuse and gaslighting and having your life completely controlled. Hardin is a dangerous and explosive person to himself and everybody else. I know he is fictional, but that human needs some psychological help. He shouldn’t be in a relationship while in the condition he is in. I can certainly list several of the gross issues just from this book that highlights how he is toxic and abusive and cruel to Tessa:

-Blaming her for his mistakes.

-Telling her not to hang out with her friends.

-Telling her to ditch her internship.

-Shoving her more than once and saying he’d never do it on purpose.

-Stalking her.

-Lying to her.

-Controlling her/Getting possessive as if she is an object.

-Threatening to kill/beat up anybody that talks to Tessa.

-Having the nerve to get angry at Tessa for trying to move on while they were broken up though it seemed to be A-Okay for him to sleep with the one girl who betrayed Tessa

I’m sure there’s many…oh! Like also how he expected her to move her entire life around him instead of making those decisions together. It overwhelmed whatever storyline there was because it wasn’t romantic or sweet or cute. And yes, relationships have struggles, but this…thing between those two went beyond those boundaries. The smut felt dirty because of it. Felt unhealthy.

Beyond the horror of this story in which I pled for Tessa too just leave and go on to Seattle and find a healthy relationship when she was ready, she instead stuck with the first guy she’s ever been with regardless of how disgusting he is. I mean, c’mon! Before Tessa, he destroyed another girl and even while with Tessa, he didn’t care, didn’t feel guilty for the injury he cause. He’s a sociopath! I am at a loss.


It should’ve been Zed. Sure, in his last moments he was less than graceful and mouthy, but I would be spouting too if I was having the shit beaten out of me and trying to get this girl out of a toxic relationship. Tessa deserved better. She also deserves to realize the vortex she’s stuck in and to be told that what she and Hardin has isn’t love. It’s deadly co-dependence and she needs too have somebody pull her head out of her ass. I had so hoped it would be Zed.

Aside for the dreadful story, the writing left me slack-jawed and shuddering. Repetitive and weak, with monition that I was just supposed to shrug to like, “yeah, dude. I follow, why bother giving actually detail…’. What the hell. Hardin’s letter to Tessa is a prime example of this. What was meant to be heartfelt, enlightening, and brash in its shedding light on a vulnerable Hardin, came off as a ridiculous outcry to cover up issues with excuses. This guy who claims to be so knowledgeable in the English and literature field and he doesn’t have a single writer’s bone in his body? I find that hard to believe. I was not expecting a Mr. Darcy, but I did expect Hardin to actually reveal a piece of himself that was breathtaking. Instead, it was pathetic and a grab for the pity. Disappointing.


And yet, this is the expanded version? Whhhhhy? It didn’t need expanded. It needed edited. Badly. I’m actually half tempted to take my cop and do just that. LOL. So many useless lines and scenes. Many places that deserved expansion. So much repetitiveness. 200-250 pages could easily be deleted, ripped out, burned, whichever. I was losing my mind.

Side Note: I doon’t know what college these caharcters go to: Delusional University? But, each class and expectation and reality set in this book was unbelievable. I had too skip those moments because of how cringy they were. The vast majority of my prrofessors were laid back, but not one of them acted like the syllabus was a joke with some nonchalant attitude.


This is a series that while I know it’s horrible, I want to see it through to the end. I won’t be keeping these books. A horrible story and nothing ot idolize. I can’t imagine how horrified One Direction was/is by these.


“He had nothing to lose, but I did. I let him take everything from me. My life before him was so simple and decided. Now…after him…it’s just…after.” (Tessa, p. 10)

“Fine isn’t happy.” (Hardin to Tessa, p. 25)

“You know what the worst part of all of this? It’s that you warned me, you said you would ruin me and I didn’t listen.” (Tess to Hardin, p. 49)

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” (p. 211)

“I knew I loved you when i was highlighting fucking Tolstoy.” (Hardin, p. 248′

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