Spell It Out: St. Valentine’s – A Book Tag


Hey, book lovers!

The dreadful Valentine holiday approaches. I’m not big on celebrating it honestly. Still, there are so many out there that do, so I bring you, on the day of fourteen, a tag of the day spelled out. I was inspired by One Book More and thought it would be fun.

But first, a little history…

The lovey holiday has more of a dark origin than anything. Granted, the direct origin of Valentine’s Day is still a bit mysterious and quite the excuse to buy candy, a place to begin is ancient Rome, Feb. 13-15, the feast of Lupercalia. Sounds a bit Supernatural, eh?

During this 3-day festivity, men would sacrifice a goat and a dog and then whip women with their hides. Legit, women actually lined up for this thinking this ritual would make them fertile. And, I’m not going to lie, that’s not my kind of kink. Nope. The festival included a matchmaking lottery. So, your Valentine was literally a mystery. The couple once paired up remained together for the rest of the festival or longer if they hit it off. This makes Match.com seem not so bad. Still not doing online dating though. LOL.

This is only one lore out of a few of the lovey holiday. The name of Valentine’s Day also stemmed from the execution of two men by the name – Valentine – on Feb. 14 and considered martyrdom by the Catholic Church. It was later on that the day of St. Valentine and Lupercalia were combined to vanquish the pagan rituals of them.


Quite the lovey holiday. So, don’t forget your love spells, sacrificing, then beating your partner with animal hides before finishing the night off romantically, guys. LOL.

In spirit of St. Valentine, here art thou tag!

S – Stargazing at Noon by Amanda Torroni


Beautiful poetry with astounding reflection of nostalgia, distance, love, and so much more. (my review)


T – Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas


There’s been so much hype about this series and I guess it’s about time I add this deadly series to my TBR.


V – The V Girl: A Coming of Age Story by Mya Robarts


A dystopian world where getting rid of your virginity is pivotal. Sounds legit and also a bit scary.


A – All This Time by Mikki Daughtry & Rachael  Lippincott


From the same folks that did Five Feet Apart which was amazing and heart-yanking. Stunning cover art and plot, I need to read this!


L – The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore

Wacky and fun and wild. There’s nothing like an ancient, giant lizard with a sexdrive that threatens to destroy the small town of Pine Cove and an ex-actress off her meds. (my review)


E – Every Moment After by Joseph Moldover


Deep and thought-provoking as two friends deal with changing relationships and feelings and change the summer after high school. A story of growing up and moving on from a traumatic past.


N – Nyxia by Scott Reintgen

A sci-fi adventure about taking your shot at a fortune of a lifetime? Count me in.


T – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Sweet Lara Jean has never admitted to any of her crushes. Instead, she wrote to them in letters and then tucked the letters away. All kinds of craziness broke loose when one day they were missing and found their way into the hands of every crush. (my review)


I – Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine


Love for knowledge and love for books. And fighting for them and for family. Such a rich and powerful adventure. Totally underrated. (my review)


N – N0S42  by Joe Hill


A little supernatural horror is delightful in my opinion.


E – The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles


This is one I’ve wanted to ready for years. I’ve read both raving and horrible reviews about it. With a unique storyline about a girl and a bounty hunter from hell. And with a line like…

For the perfect love, what would you be willing to lose?

…I’m a sucker for it. Will it make me crash with feels or huff with frustration? I look forward to reading it and finding out.


The catch with this tag is some of these I’ve read and some I want to read. Have a lovey-dovey day of fourteen, bookworms. It is a special thing to love and be able to love, so do it well.

I send out this tag to anyone interested in it. But mostly, I just wanted to share something disturbingly nifty.

More to come soon…

  – K.

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