The Scarlet Playlist – Feb. 8, 2021

Hey, book lovers!

Happy Monday! Hope you all are well. I’ve got the playlist of the week for you. One of my favorite things is listening to music while reading which is why I came up with this. You don’t have to make this a reading playlist. Dance to it, sing to it, whatever you want. I compiled this just for you.

1. It’s Gonna Be love – Mandy Moore (Don’t tell me you’ve never watched A Walk to Remember. If you haven’t then go. Go right now and watch it.)

2. What A Man Gotta Do – The Jonas Brothers (Catchy as hell and I bop every time.)

3. Call It What You Want – Taylor Swift

4. You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol

5. Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol (My love for the light, soft, sound of Snow Patrol is so strong.)

6. Faithfully – Journey

7. In Your Arms – Stanfour (So sweet and tender. You got to have that once in a while.)

8. Colorblind – Counting Crows (Calling all Cruel Intentions fans for the pivotal scene of the movie.)

9. Hold Me – Savage Garden

10. That’s Where You Take Me – Britney Spears

11. Adore You – Harry Styles

12. I Dare You – Kelly Clarkson (Courageous. But also scary.)

If you guessed that I was putting together the next infomercial at 3am for Love’s Greatest Hits. LOL. You’re not completely wrong, but it’s apparently the season of love. Typically I’m the type to get my watch on with horror movies this time of year, but who knows. Horror movies are always better when you’re watching them with someone else and they’re clinging to you, nearly jumping in your lap, looking for protection. LOL.

Have a great week, loves.

More to come soon…


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