Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey, book demolishers!

Welcome to the Speedy Quote Sunday if you’re new to the blog. There are moments in a book, lines along the way, that just make you stop and stare. Yeah, I said stop and stare. Whether it’s off into the distance, ovr the very line you just read, or into your own heat, you pause and stare. Those lines stick with you whether in a life-changing memorable way or because they make you laugh so hard you bust a gut or possibly shed a tear or two. In any case, they make the book better and you take something with you.

Because of that, I created this post. I wanted to share memorable quotes from books I’ve enjoyed. And maybe you recognize them if you’ve read the book or they’ll move you to read the book. Here we go!

“You can’t live up to the standards you hold yourself to. No one’s perfect.” (The Twin, Natasha Preston)

Okay, so this wasn’t an absolute favorite book, but this line knocked me on my but. As a person that gets Anxiety stricken, I tend to do as much as possible and apologize often and have such high expectation while also believing that I will without a doubt fail, therefore making myself work twice as hard and so on and so forth. It’s a fecking ugly circle. Of course, I accept my failures and criticisms with no hard feelings and just work harder, it isn’t a pleasantry on my brain, emotions, or body. And this line truly reminded me of all of this because it was so true. My own high standards for my life are goals I work hard for in life, but I know working too hard to get there stretches me super thin. Even so, I also understand my many flaws and embrace them wholeheartedly. It’s a major balancing act. LOL. See? A powerfully delivered line.

call me

call me

call me

call me
bad omen

call me
your worst nightmare

wearing a
red-lipped smile

- even better, call me by my name (p. 125)

Okay, so every once in a while, I come across a poem too. I’m a lover and writer of poetry. I do find a a bit deeper than your typical novel. You’ve got to get in touch with a deeper layer of yourself, lower a few walls. This one really did that for me. It brought a bolder, braver part of myself ot the forefront with her fist pumping the air, hollering, ‘YES! Fecking right!” The world is filled people that try to stomp me down and make me feel worthless and more often than not, these people are complete strangers. Snapping back at them is taking the part of myself they dared to try to steal away from and I feel no shame about regardless of how they try to make me feel that way. It was a few years ago when I grew tired of this type of bullshit. I say take pleasure and take pride in these feelings up there. Keep a hold of who you are and let no man or woman take it from you. And hey, call me a she-wolf? Oh babe, please do. I’m so much fun every full moon.

More to come soon…


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