The Scarlet Playlist – Jan. 25, 2021

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! I come bearing the playlist of the week for you. I hope it perks up your week, inspires a little anarchy, even gets your foot tapping. Maybe it’ll get you to pick up that rebellious book you’ve been debating for a while. Whatever it is, I compiled this just for you.

1. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution – Tracy Chapman (Relevant as hell right now.)

2. Shelter – FINNEAS

3. Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray

4. Fools Like Me – Vanessa Carlton

5. Unstoppable – The Score

6. You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift (Seriously though.)

7. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

8. Stand By Me – Ben E. King (I have many versions of this song but nothing beats the original.)

9.The World I Know – Coollectibe Soul

10. Strip Me – Natasha Beddingfield

11. Stand By You – Rachel Platten

12. Everything’s Changing – Avril Lavigne (And that’s the truth.)

This week I took on change because I have a feeling 2021 is really about to bring it. At least, I am really hoping, and for the better. Change can be a great thing and I find it to be one of the greatest things to sing and listen to. There’s a rainbow of feels to it and a desperation to be heard. I just love it and there was nobody better to kick this playlist off with than Tracy Chapman.

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What’s your favorite song? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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