Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey, book cult!

I hope you are well. I bring you a couple of quotes that have moved me in one direction or another. I know all bookworms find lines that get their engines revving. Here are a couple from me.

β€œHope is the most dangerous thing you can give someone.” (Little Monsters, Kara Thompson)

So right this is. While the book didn’t score high with me, these words most definitely did. Hope can feel exciting but much like Icarus when he flew too close to the sun, it can burn your wings and have you plummeting down should that hope be demolished. Still, it is crazy to think hopes will never fly so high. And, rather than tell someone to not get their hopes up too high, I’d rather them learn to recover from lost hopes. Much like the force, hope is all around and in the very being of people always. Always have hope. Just know that sometime you will need to work overtime to pick yourself up in case it is lost, or maybe lean on a close friend. There’s nothing say you can’t rely on others.

β€œThe world is insane. You only have to watch the news to know it.” (Gwendy’s Button Box, Stephen King)

Oh, how relevant this is, right FECKING now. A fantastic quote from a wonderful, yet tragic and trying novella. This is one I hope to see on the big screen. It will carry so much heart. Still, this quote is like a punch to the gut as I reflect back on 2020 and this past month of 2021. And across the news, there’s the horror and fear and how it stokes my anxiety. What a fun ride. I’d love to get off. Hell, I’d settle for being abducted by aliens. The world is insane and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. However, it would be nice if it balanced out with some good insanity.

More to come soon…


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