New Releases Coming in 2021!


Hey, book adventurers!

Nothing gets me more excited than new releases! Okay, that’s a lie. There’s picking up books you haven’t read yet. The smell of books. That alone is bound to get you high. There’s sharing your love of books with other fellow book enthusiasts. Still, new releases mean new adventures and journeys.

2021 is bound to have some exciting releases to be anticipated. Between a mixture of fiction and Young Adult, here are some I’m thrilled to show off and put on my TBR!

You’ll Be the Death of Me

Author: Karen McManus

RD: December


McManus has delivered twisted and thrilling murder novels that revel in the themes of the original Brat Pack. One of Us is Lying, her first novel, revels in The Breakfast Club, for example. This time, in the style of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a group of kids skip out on school only to get caught up in a deadly crime. While I find this blending of generations and genre intriguing I do hope teens and kids are actually taking to the time to dip their toes in some of these classic films because they are amazing. Also, I have to wonder if McManus will approach Sixteen Candles and Dirty Dancing next.

The Gilded Ones

Author: Namina Forna

RD: Feburary



Originally set to release last year, I’m excited this one is finally getting released. I’d had it pre-ordered for months. Similar to Tomi Adeyemi’s Legacy of Orisha series, this story follows Deka who only prays to have red blood running in her veins so she may have a normal life. When it runs gold instead, she is given a choice, fight for the emperor in his army alongside others who have rare gifts like she or live as an outcast in her village. I’ve been excited to read this one since I heard about it. From the magic to strong women to the power to fight and a complete dousing in culture. And have you seen the cover!? Beyond gorgeous and a phenomenal display of a warrior.

What Big Teeth

Author: Rose Szabo

RD: Feburary



Eleanor hasn’t spoken to her family in years since they sent her away to boarding school. Her memories of them are fuzzy but she does know they are anything but normal. With her grandfather’s fanged snout, her mother’s tendency to soak in a barrel constantly, and her going out to hunt with her cousins at night, this family is The Addams Family meets Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Talk about right up my alley. Nothing like a family with some heavy supernatural secrets to snag my attention. I can already tell this one is going ot have so many layers.

Castles in Their Bones

Author: Laura Sebastian

RD: 2022


From the author of the outstanding Ash Princess. Sebastian has brought for another tale of overthrowing a dreadful kingdom. But this time it’s not one princess but three that will discover their mother’s plan for them to each marry a prince fro a different kingdom so she may rule from sea to sea may be askew from what they initially thought. Mysterious with a hint of conniving royalty. I still need to complete the Ash Princess trilogy but I’m intrigued by this one and Sebastian has a wonderful style in. her writing. Granted this is a 2022 release, but I’m actually pretty excited about this.

House of Hollow

Author: Krystal sutherland.

RD: April



Iris and her two older sisters struggle to remember bits of their childhood, but when Grey, one of her sisters, disappears more weirdness occurs. More so, memories locked away start to resurface. Along with its beautiful and plant-interwoven cover, this book really gives off a mysterious yet fantastical vibe with unforeseen elements yet to come. It’s really caught my attention and curiosity.

Project Hail Mary

Author: Andy Weir

RD: May

Penguin Random House


Astronaut, Ryland Grace, is the last of his crew and the heavy weight of the world’s survival rest of his shoulders. Though he’s been asleep for a very long time and his other two crew-mates are dead, an unexpected ally will help him work to save humanity from an extinction level event. The Martian is still on my TBR and while that was on the bestseller’s list, I have no doubt this will be too. The darkness of space is scary to think about, yet one hell of an obstacle to conquer. Weir brings a realistic light to the science fiction genre and I feel like this one won’t be anything short of amazing.

You Love Me

Author: Caroline Kepnes

RD: April

Penguin Random House


Fan of You rejoice! Another installment to the obsessive thriller slasher stalker novels is coming. Joe is no longer living in the city but on a cozy island where he’s gotten a job at a local library, which is handy since he knows a thing of two about books. He’s done with love and the crazy that follows it…until he meet Mary Kaye DiMarco. With the show such a hit, I can only imagine how well the books do. This is one of those series that’s on my TBR but from a distance because the mystery genre is a struggle for me. Still, I can’t wait for the new season of the show and to see what Joe will be up to next.


Author: Joanne M. Harris, Charles Vess (Illustrations)

RD: May

Simon & Schuster


Compiled within these pages are a set of captivating yet dark fairytales. The stuff made of both dreams and nightmares that will entrance you. Hailed as enthralling and imaginative with tales such as a toy-maker looking to build the perfect wife, a tiny dog whose courages outweighs its size, and many more. I’m a major lover and studier of fairytale and mythology so this one excites me quite a bit. Not to mention the mesmerizing cover of vibrant color with a creature that is not human but almost of insect–bee origin descending on humanity with its claws.

The Nightmare Thief

Author: Nicole Lesperance

RD: January



A girl and her family who own a dream shop must deal with a nightmare thief for they may change to entire outcome of the girl’s life if they aren’t stopped. One may only slip a dream to a person with their consent. When Maren slips one to her sister who is in a coma, she is blackmailed in to creating nightmares for them. Difficult choices lay ahead as she is pulled deeper into this sinister scheme. Such a unique storyline and colorful to boot. Definitely one I’d pick up.

The Shark Caller

Author: Zillah Bethel

RD: February



Blue Wing is desperate and determined to become a shark caller after the death of her parents. Instead, she is charged with befriending newcomer, Maple. Though they butt heads at first, the promise of treasure and relief and adventure calls to them, but are they ready to take on the deadliest shark of the ocean to get to it? A masterful tale of grief and friendship and love. Gives me the vibes of The Thing About Jellyfish. I’m a shark lover too, so it was no surprise this reached out to me on that level as well. LOL.

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What’s a new release of 2021 that you’re excited about? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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