Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey, book clan!

I hope your Sunday is off to a great start. If you’re new to the Speedy Quote Sunday then welcome! This post is dedicated too every other Sunday where I share quotes and blurbs from books with lines I’ve loved, Whether it’s because it’s imperative to the story, thoughtful, filled with emotion, the glue between scenes, explosive, or even just hysterical, there’s something that gets me thinking about them and wanting to share them because these lines further my love and enjoyment of the book. Here are a couple that have done just that.

“Regret isn’t a negative. Wishing we could do better isn’t bad… And if you let go of that regret, if you forget about consequence, then what are you? Who are you?” (Life is Strange: Strings, Emma Vieceli)

Powerful words. Truly. This is a series I’m utterly in love with because of such thought-provoking. words. A phenomenal piece of art with writing that just blows me away. It being philosophical, making me think about life’s choices, just amazing.

“Her heart belongs to me. She gave it to me when she was fifteen and I haven’t given it back. She needs to know that.” (Tainted Crown, Erin Watt)

Filled with passion, these words. When I read this that’s al I felt and I think that’s why this, though only a novella, is one of my favorites of the series. A rush like spinning around really fast in the hot summer sun.

More to come soon…


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