The Scarlet Playlist – Jan. 4, 2021

Hey there, book clan!

Happy Monday! It’s a brand new year! I hope you are all well and had a delightful New Year. I’ve got the playlist of the week for you! Inspired by my own music listening while reading, I compiled this weekly post just for you! Enjoy!

1. Losing My Religion – R. E. M.

2. At My Best – Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Hailee Steinfeld)

3. exile – Taylor Swift (ft. Bon Iver)

4. Sweet Misery – Michelle Branch (A hidden gem in my opinion that just hits the spot.)

5. Shallow – Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (The emotions are strong with this one.)

6. Sorry – Buckcherry

7. Judas – Lady Gaga

8. Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch

9. Your Lucky Day in Hell – Eels

10. Shit, Man! – Skylar Grey

11. Ride – Twenty One Pilots

12. Champagne Supernova – Oasis (A total chill. ‘Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball…’.)

Being a mess, it’s a part of life. So many emotions come with it and it can be overwhelming but one thing is certain. You can get through it, break through to the other side and in certain cases, find out who will accept it and who isn’t worth another breath. More than anything, those days/feelings can get you and sometimes you just need to scream or shout or break something. That’s okay. That’s fantastic actually. You shouldn’t hold any of it in. It’s not healthy. This list really inspired that. Inspired being a mess, admitting to a mess, shouting and crying out about being a mess, and realizing you don’t have to be perfect for anybody and they’ll either accept you or they won’t-and maybe earn your boot.

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments below! What’s a song that you shout out loud when you’re a mess?

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