My Top 10 Books of 2020 – Wrapping Up This A-hole of a Year


Hey there, book lovers!

Not going to lie, 2020 has kicked my ass and hard. Trying to overcome exhaustion and getting used to so many changes, both personal and not, hasn’t been easy. Not in the slightest. Reading has become even more of a safe haven than usual for me. Still, even my book choices haven’t really been the best this year, for myself. There have been sparks of great ones and tackling my New Year’s Resolution has been fun.

As I’ve done in the past, instead of a typical book list, I’ve got my top ten favorite reads of the year for you. I love getting to reflect and think back on these books and give you a chance ot check out the reviews. So, here we go!

Morganville Vampires Vol. 1: Glass Houses & The Dead Girl’s Dance

Author: Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires holds such a special place in my heart that of course it would be my number one. LOL.


Author: Stephanie Garber


Such a spectacular follow-up. So colorful and lively and I still got caught up in it. Can’t wait to read the final book. This trilogy needs to be the next big screen adaptation.

We Are the Ants

Author: Shaun David Hutchinson


While taking on the possible end of the world, this book took on some heavy subjects. I fell in love with this so fast. Though filled with those heavy subject, the humor helped lighten its weight and remind me it’s okay to get a laugh here and there.

The Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Author: Grady Hendrix


Dark, deadly, and unnerving. I enjoyed this one so much. Definitely not what I expected and I haven’t raged at a big bad this hard in a hot second. Vampires aren’t broody loveable bloodsuckers this time around. No, this one is twisted, manipulative, and disturbing.

Widow’s Web

Author: Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep

This isn’t the first time I’ve started a series in this middle, but now I’m waiting until I have the rest of the series to continue on. Riveting, enthralling, and fun. I really dig this one. Sure, the moral of the story isn’t at the forefront, but there isn’t anything wrong with having a wild and fun book.

Last Breath

Author: Rachel Caine


This one always catches my breath. How punny, I know. But this one made me a wreck and the feels were heavy. Lots of ups and downs and all arounds. This one really put the little town in danger and almost destroyed it. The fight is so strong and I was clinging to these pages for dear life.

The Unleashed

Author: Danielle Vega

Penguin Teen

A breath holder as you wait for the monster to jump out at you. Vega is a livewire with YA horror. A true talent.

Slade House

Author: David Mitchell


This one blew my mind. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. Shocking and disturbing, this was an epic book. One of my favorite finds that gave me some Supernatural vibes. A great horror that should be made into a movie.

The Sword of Summer

Author: Rick Riordan


So excited that I got to start this! So good and interesting and diverse! Riordan has always been amazing and this was no different.

Road to Nowhere

Author: Christopher Pike


A book that gave a good ol’fashoined shake and had so much more than what was on the surface.

And that’s not all, peeps! Last month I said to keep an eye out on The June Boys by Courtney Stevens. Well, I’ve got a 2020 giveaway for you! Not only a hardback of the June Boys but Natasha Preston’s The Twin as well. All you have to do is like this post and tell me what your favorite book of 2020 was and I’ll enter you in! I will be announcing the winner on Jan. 15th, 2021.  

The Twin by Natasha Preston and The June Boys by Court Stevens from The Scarlet Reader

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments below! Don’t forget, if you want a chance to win these two 2020 picks like this post and tell me what your favorite book of 2020 was! See you in the new year, lovelies! Be safe!

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