Scarlet Playlist – Dec. 14, 2020

Hey there, book lovers!

Hope you’re having a happy Monday and if not, well I hope to perk it up a tad. I’ve got the weekly playlist for you! Sing to it, dance to it, whatever you want. I compiled it for you, lovelies!

1. Hard Candy Christmas – Dolly Parton

2. Too Good at Goodbyes – Alyson Stoner and Cassie Scerbo (A pretty great cover.)

3. But It’s Better If You Do – Panic! At the Disco

4. It’s Alright It’s Okay – Ashley Tisdale (Hell yes, I love to sing this one. How did this not bop her to the top.)

5. The Last Goodbye – David Cook

6. It’s Nice to Have a Friend – Taylor Swift

7. The Sun Will Rise – Kelly Clarkson

8. Molly – Emily Kinney

9. Don’t Wanna be Your Girl No More – Wet (Sad and final.)

10. Break Me Shake me – Savage Garden (I could scream this one though Savage Garden is no screamo.)

11. Gone – Kelly Clarkson

12. Goodbye – The Pretenders

Saying goodbye is never easy. It feels easy to scream it but it’ll catch up later on. Sometimes it’ll just hit like an eighteen-wheeler toting a tone of bricks. All in all, I don’t understand goodbyes. There’s nothing good about them typically.

More to come soon…


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A song about goodbye that yanks a heartstring? “Goodbye” by The Pretenders is a big one for me. Just punches me in the feels.

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