Home is Where the Fangs Are (Daylighters – A Book Review)

Daylighters (The Morganville Vampires #15)

Author: Rachel Caine

Published: 2014

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My Rating:

Rated H for home because it’s where the heart is and nobody fucks with the heart

While Morganville, Texas, is often a troubled town, Claire Danvers and her friends are looking forward to coming home. But the Morganville they return to isn’t the one they know; it’s become a different place-a deadly one…

After the events of Fall of Night, Claire Danvers and her friends return to Morganville but it’s not the town they remember. The Daylight Foundation has taken over and it actually seems good, on the outside at least. The town has been given a new coat of paint and the residents seem happier than they’ve ever been. But, where are the vampires?

When Claire and the Glass House discover what’s going on they must rush to vampires’ aid as they are the only thing standing between possible change for the better and the complete annihilation. Old acquaintances return in this final installment of the series and this little Texas town will be forever changed.

The Morganville Vampires series is 1 of 3 that I am rereading as a part of my New Year’s Resolution. This is 15 of 15 books.

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Pardon me, still mopping up my tears. Happy ones of course. This series ends on such a high noted and what makes it even more beautiful is how Claire and the entire Glass House own this town as their home at this point, after all they’ve been through and wished to get free of. This wild, crazy, dangerous beyond a doubt town, was always their home and to be anywhere else just wouldn’t be the same.

There were so many moments that left me feeling incredibly emotional, but isn’t that how finales go? Revisiting Blacke where Morley resides and is known for coming across as the Clint Eastwood of vampires was fecking delightful. As batshit as the guy, though he’s no Myrnin, he’s a blast. So, it was great that he jumped in to help save Morganville. It’s one of those callbacks you always hope for in a final season of anything you love and you shout in excitement when it happens. I totally shouted. The weirdest thing of all? There was no Monica. Not a screech of her hideous overdone car, a sparkle of her Barbie outfit, or an insult. I was kind of bummed out. I was hoping for that last insult.


This enemy, Fallon and his Daylight Foundation hit on a unique subject. It’s been approached but I feel like it hasn’t been done very often because it’s considered an easy way out and also not very likely for vampires. That my, loves, would be a cure. Sure, The Vampire Diaries did it on the show, but here in MV it wasn’t some saving grace. It was utilized as a weapon and in most cases, could kill vampires. Definitely a new type of scary.

And the hellhounds on call? Poor Shane and Hannah getting caught up in that side experiment was heartbreaking. Still, these two are some of the toughest spirits I’ve ever seen in books. And the addition of this was so much fun and really added to the plot.

There were a great many callbacks on the series, reminding me just how far this series has come. It really took my breath away. Here is a whole brand-new problem, one that threatens to decimate not only the vampires but the history of the town and though it’s a bloody one, it shouldn’t be forgotten. In fact, it’s a reminder of how far Morganville has come and how much it has changed.


Dare I say it, Chuck from Supernatural really said it well when it came to endings, but I honestly couldn’t find an issue or feel any kind of emptiness or unsatisfaction with this one. This is one stage of life ending, and era coming to its end while a new one begins. And it’s even expressed in such a subtle and marvelous way that the problems of Morganville aren’t over. They’ll never be over. But this is the start of something grand. A way of saying it’s over, but it’ll never be over. Sorry, starting to get teary-eyed again.


I could never let go of this series and I will always hype it up with the spazzy excitement that could be registered as ADHD. It has everything for me. Hell, if I did have a bone to pick it’s not with the author, the style, the writing, pacing, or supernatural. It was just that happy ending between Shane and Claire. I was totally squeeing but I could never imagine it being their style for it to go down the way it did. It was just out of character, but I totally didn’t care. I was too thrilled. Thrilled with this entire series. I can’t wait to reread it again. It’s like binging a favorite TV show.


“You know, you are not the mousy little thing I met that morning in Common Grounds. You’ve become something else entirely. It’s to your credit, but it’s also extremely inconvenient.” (Oliver to Claire, p. 250)

“Face it. You’re stubborn. That’s always been you biggest problem. If you weren’t stubborn, you’d have run away from this town the day Monica Morrell and her Monickettes pushed you down the stairs at the dorm.” (Claire, p. 288)

“All right. Remember; we’re not fighting for Morganville, we’re fighting for our own families. No matter what happens, you keep them in mind. Things are going to get ugly.” (Mrs. Grant, p. 288)

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