The Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 30, 2020

Hey there, bookaholics!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all doing well. I’ve got a playlist to boost your week. I love making these playlists for you guys. Of course, you don’t have to use it for when your reading, like I do. Make it a work out playlist, your, shower karaoke playlist, or even use it to make performance art. Whatever you want. I compiled it just for you.

1. Better Than This – Ross Lynch

2. You Get Me – Gavin Degraw

3. Be Kind – Marshmello & Halsey

4. Let Her Go – Passenger (One of those that really gets to you. Sometimes you have to let go, but nobody said it would be easy. You can hear it and feel it crack your heart with this song. Or, maybe that’s just me.)

5. Learn to Let go – Ke$ha

6. When We Were Young – The Summer Set (Really sets in the nostalgia.)

7. Can You Find Me? – The Summer Set

8. Dancin’ Away With My Heart – Lady Antebellum (Will get me in the feels EVERY TIME! So beautiful. My favorite song by them.)

9. Better in Time – Leona Lewis

10. From Eden – Hozier

11. Take It All Away – Puddle of Mudd

12. Everything Good – Ashes Remain

I guess with this playlist I was struck with a sense of wispy and memorable heartbreak from love. The kind that you look back on and it left you changed. It was real. It was good while also not. That unique balance. It will never leave you and you’ll look back at it as something you’re glad happened.

More to come soon…


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