Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, bookworms!

Every other Sunday I like to pop up and share some quotes from books that give a little meaning to my meaningless life or that just made the book sparkle extra. Here are a couple.

“Belief is many things, silly never being one.” (The June Boys, Courtney C. Stevens)

I’m a big believer in believing. Some people believe in nothing and I think that’s a lot scarier than believing in something. Belief helps in giving people purpose and motivation. It’s not the whole she-bang but it’s like a spark, a little star, it helps get the engine going. More importantly, I new infringe on people beliefs. That’s just rude. I also never force my own beliefs on others because that’s even more rude. Still, holding onto beliefs, it’s a beautiful thing.

“You wanted things and you couldn’t help it, because there was only your life, only yourself to wake up with, and how could you ever tell yourself what you wanted was wrong?” (The Girls, Emma Cline)

Welcome tot the human condition. I like this because it can be speculated so much. The whole idea of want comes with endless questions to which some don’t really have answers. Before you ask, no, I can’t pluck an example. It’s one of those that you experience for yourself to understand. Still, this quote hit me at my core. Really got me thinking. Also, what if all you do is tell yourself how everything you want is wrong? Depressing as hell, but I know people that think and live that way.

More to come soon…


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