Castle on the Hill (The June Boys – A Book Review)

The June Boys

Author: Courtney C. Stevens

Published: 2020

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My Rating:

Rated C for cooks and castles and complexes.

The Gemini Thief could be anyone.

Your father, you mother, your best friend’s crazy uncle.

Some country star’s deranged sister. Anyone.

Someone is stealing Tennessee’s boys.


Three boys are kidnapped, held for thirteen months: from June 1st to Junes 30th the following year, becoming known as the June Boys. Thea’s cousin, Aulus, became one of these boys and as she and her boyfriend try to figure out who the Gemini Thief is, a tragedy strikes. A June Boy is discovered dead. This changed everything.

As Thea and Nick deeper and find more questions than answers, Thea is forced to wonder if the Gemini Thief may be her own father. All signs lead back too him but it’s can’t be. It’s impossible. Unbelievable? She doesn’t want it to be, but who else could it be?

Fantastic writing with memorable lines, but I just couldn’t get into it. While several reviews held high praise, I fell on the bold line of meh. I warned you guys I couldn’t get into mysteries. I really tried and this one sounded so good. It’s just that the further I read the more I became confused. There were many points that didn’t make sense. For example, the Gemini Thief was known for stealing little boys approximately age 6 yet Aulus was in college and two other boys in high school?


More so, the big reveal of the Gemini Thief came up so short for me. I wasn’t shocked or surprised. I didn’t feel much of anything except glad because that meant the book would be over. This just wasn’t my cup of tea. The characters were rich with emotion and I loved them! There were so many incredible lines that had me pausing to take them in (and yes, I really do that). The story itself? Not really.


Thea and Nick’s relationship had to be my favorite part. The two were already so grown up together when this book started. They could handle serious talk and debate and disagreement. They were so incredibly mature, even when it came down to wondering why they were even together. I was in utter awe.

There was a freaking castle! That doesn’t happen very often. It had to be the one thing that stuck out the most for me. Of all things, right? LOL. On a more serious note, I was disturbed by Thea’s father and how this castle was more important than anything else in his life, even her, his daughter. Like, what the fecking hell!? Are you kidding me!? A neglectful and ignorant parent is something strikes a massive chord with. I rage HARD. Nothing could make me like this man after all he’s done just tot build a castle. Castles are cool, but they aren’t cooler than your kid.


Yeaaahhhh. I just—nope—wasn’t loving it. This is one that’ll get rehomed. Soooo, keep a look out, loves.


“You don’t owe your truth to anyone.” (Don, p. 1)

“Certain questions require us to think deeply. They give us pedigrees and integrity. The stoke curiosity. I usually appreciate a well-asked question.” (Thea, p. 21)

“If’s there’s one thing I’ve learned being a cop, it’s that people aren’t always who we think they are.” (Warren, p. 98)

“When you’re eighteen, love is starlight in your pocket. For some people starlight’s a gift, and for others it’s a fire that needs putting out.” (Constance, p. 121)

“Belief is many things, silly never being one.” (Constance, p. 192)

“Sometimes grief is anger shaped.” (Nick, p. 220)

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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