Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 16, 2020

Hey, book addicts!

Happy Monday! Though, if it isn’t, I hope this brightens it up some. While this is a reading playlist, you can make it a workout playlist or sing to it horribly in the shower. Whatever you choose. I compiled this for you.

1. Shattered – Trading Yesterday

2. One Day – Trading Yesterday

3. Rider – Thirty Seconds to Mars

4. Meteor Shower – Owl City

5. End of All Time – Stars of Track and Field

6. White Flag – Dido (Yes, I know all of the words. So good!)

7. What’s Left of Me – Nick Lachey

8. Ashes – Claire Guerreso

9. This Time Around – Tove Lo

10. Only You’re the One – Lifehouse (One of the bands I so deeply love. Just so mellow. Beautiful sound.)

11. Wrong Impression – Natalia Imruglia

12. Hands – Jewel

This week, without much realizing it in all honesty, I tittered on the theme of hope and hopeless. Some song you may recognize and some you may just be adding to your library. Have a great week!

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What’s a song that’s uplifting to you? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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