A History 101: The Chosen One (Tales of the Slayers – A Book Review)

Tales of the Slayer (Tales from Vol. I and Vol. II)

Author: Doranna Durgin (and many more)

Published: 2018

On Goodreads

My Rating:

Rated S for the amount of suckage it is to lead the life of a Slayer

Into every generation, a Slayer is born…

As long as there have been vampires, there has been a Slayer. One girl instilled with supernatural strength and abilities so that she may protect the world from the forces of darkness. (Goodreads)

In a collection unlike any before come tales of Slayers past and present. It’s a brief, violent, and often unrewarding life to be a Chosen One and yet so many have. Detailed in these pages are the lives of warriors and their tribulations, written by various authors.

This was a bit of a letdown, yet not. The beauty of a compilation like this is that you can love some stories more than others and it’s a-okay. And that was the case here. I am a massive fan of BTVS through and through. I was so excited to come across this book, but more than once this was a bit of a letdown.

The tone of each story was just off and it took away realistic possibilities from them, especially Buffy’s story. The tone and character just didn’t match up to their TV-selves. It threw me off and left me…deflated. While it took place in season 6, I wasn’t feeling the pity party Buffy was having at the end of her story.


However, I have a deep appreciation for each tale in showing how each Slayer fecks up just as bad as Buffy has throughout her Chosen career, or worse. It’s so human. The Slayer that came to an abrupt end in an Iron Maiden had my eyes bugging out big time. She was proof that sometimes a Slayer fails. More so, each story proved one big rule about being a Slayer so very wrong. The Slayer, in every tale, was never alone. They each had somebody, not counting their watcher, that kept them from doing their job alone. In some cases, it was the reason they failed. In others, it’s why they fought so hard.

This really gave me some amazing aspects to think about. Like, what if a Slayer really starts passing the years. The job wears thin on them? It compromises their chance at a life. The firsthand experience of a Slayer heading for certain death. What happens when the watcher and the Slayer really do fall in love. Also, that there’s so much more a Slayer has been forced to give up. There’s so much I never really thought about and this gave so much perspective.


Side Note: Also, I will also add that seeing Dracula again was a major bonus!


Not a terrible book at all. Definitely one to put in my Buffy collection, but I do wish it was more on point. Some of these were a little painful to read, but their a part of the BTVS universe and so they’re a must-read in my opinion. You’re getting enveloped in the bits and pieces of a handful of Slayers’ lives. It’s basically a freaking piece of history! And this is a history lesson I did enjoy.


“I just want to be remembered for more than numbers. I want to be remembered because I did something great. Just one great thing.” (Thessily, p. 93)

“I am the Slayer. I will do what I must.” (Elaine, p. 158)

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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