Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there book clan!

I love to share a couple quotes from books that have made me laugh, inspired me, or even left an imprint and become memorable. It’s a great way to share genre interests and give you a small tidbit in getting to know me some. Or, you get to enjoy the ridiculous ramblings I have to offer. Here are a couple quotes from books I enjoyed. In fact, one thing you’ll notice immediately is that both are from Rachel Caine (The Morganville Vampires, The Great Library, Stillhouse Lake, and more), in honor of her passing at the beginning of the month.

“You’re clever, Jess, but Da’s wrong about one thing; you don’t just have ink in your blood. It’s in your bones. Your skeleton’s black with it.” (Ink and Bone, Rachel Caine)

Truly masterful words that kicked off a gorgeous series that questioned books and knowledge. If they became a weapon and all consuming. The fact that knowledge should never be restricted and should be shared and given freely. A war to protect it. Just phenomenal.

“Creative people. They think the world stops when they think.” (Feast of Fools, Rachel Caine)

This one always got me laughing for a good minute because it’s so true. When we get struck with an epiphany, a plot bunny, and sudden missing piece to our puzzle, the world freezes and nothing matters. Almost like what I imagine meeting your true love is like or eatign the perfect chicken nugget or watching a wondrous and rare event before your very eyes. It’s a float-y feeling that makes one feel lightweight, going the speed of light. To others around us? Not so much. LOL.

This is a hard one. Rachel is an idol of mine. She inspires me in my writing and in myself. She is a reminder to be true and honest and never anything but my truest self regardless of rules and regulations. Change up the form. Change up the vocabulary. Most importantly, change the game. But understand that not everybody is going to see it as great and remarkable. Do it because there will be those out there that love and thrive on your weird, strange, and explosive. So, yes. I do. This loss is a heavy one. I will carry Rachel’s inspiration throughout all of my writing.

More to come soon…


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